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Video: CL’s Adorable Star Call Featuring Crazy-Cute Park Sisters – Dara Does the Unnie!

Hahaha, these fangirls are the cutest! CL is so cute, all smiley while singing the chorus, and then you can hear Park Sisters go “Unnie-yooooohhhh” and then CL focused on Dara during the “Unnie, unnie” part and you can see her being all sorts of crazily cute adorable. T_T And Bommie at CL’s back at the end is cute too! ^_^

(130603) Star Call from CL

Credits: KHJnadette26LMH

Twitter/Photo: Dara and Bommie Monitors CL’s The Baddest Female Performance at Inkigayo

Park Sisters all out supporting the baddest female! ❤ Look how cute their expressions are while watching CL. Kekeke! ^_^ Wooo baddest female fighting! ^^


BOM: Our leader is the best…ㅠㅠ She was nervous before going on stage… So I watched it nervously But! CL is really  The Baddest Female! It was the best ㅠㅠ


Twitter: Dara Tweets a Cute Video of Snoop Dogg Dancing to CL’s “Nappeun Gizibe” + Park Sisters Cute Convo!

Dara is so cute, promoting CL’s Baddest Female single. ^^ And oohhh, so the song was finished even when they appeared as Snoop Dogg’s guest performers at the Adidas concert? ^_^

DaraSnoopTSnoop Dogg dances to Bad Girl!!! CL THE BADDEST FEMALE knows how to make snoop dance!

Click HERE for the video or on the screencap below! ^^


She updated her me2day with the same vid too!


스눕독을 춤추게하는 나쁜기집애!!!

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Snoop Dogg dances to Bad Girl!!!

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Dara had tweeted first, using a YFrog video, but she must’ve known that it was not loading, so she transferred to Telly. Bommie went and copy-pasted her tweet in full! Haha! It’s so cute, these two, and then tweeted her, telling Dara all about what she did. ^^ Again, the screencap shows the newer tweets on top. So the second tweet is the one that Bom first updated with. ^^


Snoop Dogg dances to Bad Girl!!! CL THE BADDEST FEMALE knows how to make snoop dance!

I copied and pasted what you wrote ㅋㅋ So it can be watched on yfrog too ㅋㅋ Anyway, “Un~ni~~~ya~~~~~whoooo!!!!!!!! ~~~ unni! Unni unni! Hey~~~~!!!!”


Ooohhhh~!!! Talented person!!! +.+ Thank you!!!! ^_^ I had a difficult time uploading the video there … ㅠㅠ I’m com-illiterate heol..


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