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Instagram: 150330 Dara thanks Blackjacks for 2NE1 YouTube Music Awards win

2NE1’s Come Back Home music video  was selected as one of the winners of the 2015 YouTube Music Awards.  

Congratulations 2NE1




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Twitter: Dara Thanks Blackjacks for their MYX Music Awards 2015 “Favorite KPop Video” Award

Congratulations 2NE1! Congratulations Philippine Blackjacks! ❤



Source: @krungy21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 2NE1 Reveals Japanese Version PV For “Come Back Home”

Aaaaand, here is the Japanese P/V for “Come Back Home!” This MV is somewhat different from the Korean version as the storyline for this one is longer, with new scenes. We can see more acting cuts of Dara and her “lover.”  Also, CL’s rap for the acoustic version isn’t in the MV. ^^

I’m so glad to see more of Dara’s acting! She is sooo good, I need her in a drama! T_T

Credits: bryan13334official

Video: 140528 Ailee Sings 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” on “Ailee’s Vitamin”

Another 2NE1 song cover by Ailee~ She is so cute! ^^

Credits: AsiaTV2013

News: 2NE1, ‘Come Back Home’ MV Records 10 Million Hits On YouTube

2NE1, ‘Come Back Home’ MV Records 10 Million Hits On YouTube


Girl group, 2NE1’s ‘Come Back Home’ MV has recorded ten 10 million hits on YouTube.

After its release on YouTube, it broke through 10 million hits, on 22, in about a month and a half. At the same time ‘Happy‘ also recorded 4.9 million hits, ready to break through 5 million.

This is the second 10 million hit record of this year in K-pop. Previously, Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Mr.’ has recorded 10 million, in this January and February.

Credits: 10 Asia

2NE1 Come Back Home – Love and War 2 background Music

‘s CBH used as a BGM for “Love and War 2” check out at 18:58-19:58 & 35:23-37:59

Source: KBS World TV @youtube

Video: 140403 Official Videos of 2NE1’s Performance on MBC FM4U’s “Hope Song at Noon”

Yay official videos! This has a different angle than the one shown on the live radio show.. ^_^ Again, I find it so cute when the girls immediately dance to the chorus. XD

2NE1 – Come Back Home

2NE1 – Gotta Be You

Credits: MBCkpop

Article/Feature: Refinery29 – “Why Everyone Should Be Listening To The Badass Ladies Of 2NE1”

Why Everyone Should Be Listening To The Badass Ladies Of 2NE1


Fact: South Korean pop music has infiltrated American pop culture. After Psy‘s through-the-roof hit “Gangnam Style,” more and more K-pop artists and groups have crossed the Pacific and made their marks stateside. Girl group f(x) “welcomed” Anna Kendrick as as their newest member, Big Bang took over Brooklyn for two music videos, and there’s an entire section in Billboard dedicated to the K-pop scene. But, in an industry where the number of girl groups rival the number of instances in which Lady Gaga has made us go, well, gaga, it feels like all the ladies look and sound the same after a while. Perfectly executed singing and choreography with booty shorts, a cute-yet-sexy vibe, and a whole lotta hair flipping — it’s like they’re robots. Well, not 2NE1.

This four-member group is all about being badasses — and the more extreme, the better. Made up of Park Bom, Lee Chaerin (known as CL), Gong Minji (Minzy), and Sandara Park (Dara), the ladies produce some of the catchiest songs and most visually arresting music videos in the industry. If you don’t believe me, maybe this will convince you: The group’s second album, Crush, scored a #10 spot on the American iTunes chart when it debuted in late February, and the music video for the single “Come Back Home” has nearly 7.5 million views on YouTube. Not too shabby, eh?

So, what sets 2NE1 apart from the rest of the girl groups in the biz? Their ability mix multiple genres like hip-hop and dance with pop to create seriously catchy tunes, a fearless sense of fashion, and championing of girl power without any frills or sugar-coating. The quad prefers singing about being the best in the game over lost love (okay, there is a bit of that in their discography), kickin’ it on stage in Jeremy Scott’s wing sneakers over platform stilettos, sporting electric blue hair over blonde strands, and rocking grills over cutesy winks. Yes, there’s a good dose of sexiness in the mix, but it’s done with such an edge that you don’t realize it until you’ve watched the music video twice — which you will, trust me.

Even though I’ve no idea what 2NE1 is singing about, I can still appreciate the infectious beats, fashion porn, and general badass, IDGAF attitude that the group embodies. Keep doing your thing, 2NE1, and don’t stop the music.

Credits: Refinery29

Video: #2NE1 #COMEBACKHOME MV on Arirang’s “Pops in Seoul” Episode 2611

Pops in Seoul Ep2611 2NE1 Toheart Orange Caramel Navi BTS



News: 2NE1 Sings “If I Were You” in “Inkigayo” on the 30th



[OSEN=박현민 기자] Girl group 2NE1 discloses the performance of “IF I WERE YOU” in SBS “INKIGAYO” that will be aired on the 30 this month.

“IF I WERE YOU” is one of the tracks of 2NE1’ new album, which was directly composed and written by the team’s leader CL. It boasts a tender piano sound and unique string, as well as magnificent drum beat. 2NE1 has caught eyes with their charismatic and strong performance of title track “COME BACK HOME” so far, and now, they will display a different appeal with a sentimental and feminine performance of “IF I WERE YOU”,

As “COME BACK HOME” and “GOTTA BE YOU”, double title tracks of 2NE1’s new album, as well as other tracks enjoy great popularity, 2NE1 presents the performance of “IF I WERE YOU” in “INKIGAYO”, to show a bigger variety of their performance.

Earlier this month on the 21, 2NE1 first disclosed the performance of “IF I WERE YOU” on TV, in KBS 2TV’s music show “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”, at the encore request of the audience after their performance of “COME BACK HOME” and “FIRE”. 2NE1’s live performance in the show created sensation, after music fans uploaded different videos of the performance, including “2NE1’s performance video without MR”.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 continue to actively perform their new songs in Korea and meet Chinese fans on the 11 next month in their world tour concert in Shanghai, China.

Credits: YG Life