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Video: Pops In Seoul Does a Throwback to September 2009 – Dara’s Kiss Featured!

Arirang’s “Pops In Seoul” did a throwback featuring the events that happened during the second week of September 5 years ago. And wowwww, it’s been 5 years since Dara released Kiss?! Crazy to realize, huh? ^^ But yes, I remember that Dara’s “Kiss” really caused a stir, it went to number one in the chart when it was released, and even overtook G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” for a while.. ^_^

POPS IN SEOUL-Sandara PARK (Kiss) 산다라박 (KISS)


Video: #2NE1 #COMEBACKHOME MV on Arirang’s “Pops in Seoul” Episode 2611

Pops in Seoul Ep2611 2NE1 Toheart Orange Caramel Navi BTS



Video: 2NE1’s Fun Interview for Arirang World’s “Pops In Seoul” with English Subs

Awww, our girls in a fun, informative interview! Bommie said that she thinks that among the members, Dara has changed the most. She said that Dara was very quiet before, but now she opens up more and approaches people first even! In between the interview, we can see glimpses of 2NE1’s performances and MVs, it’s like a walk down memory lane. ^^ Bommie said that she she did a lot of directing in 2NE1’s “Do You Love Me” MV and said that Dara is fond of doing unexpected things like mock eating a feather and cycling in air while sitting on a windsill. XDDD 

Anyways, see the fun interview here!

Pops In Seoul 2460 K POPULOUS ENG

Credits: arirangworld

Videos: [082510] 2NE1 featured in Pops in Seoul + [082410] 2NE1 @ Entertainment News

Credit: ayumi12624