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Photos: [2009] Never before seen Cass Posters featuring Dara and Lee Min Ho

All together now… Drama! Drama! Drama! *crazy fangirl mode* lmao XD This Cass CF will forever be epic in my book. 🙂

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Credits: Cass + Reuploaded by knucklepink/BlackjackBelle@OhDara 

Videos: [082510] 2NE1 featured in Pops in Seoul + [082410] 2NE1 @ Entertainment News

Credit: ayumi12624


Videos: Dara at the “Magic” VIP Premiere

The Dara and Gummy caps posted earlier were from this vid clip. Dara’s shown around 0:10, 0:32, and 1:02 of the vid. 🙂

CREDIT: ohdara2

News: KISS MV gains 12 Million Hits on Chinese Site, Youku

We posted about Dara’s Kiss MV on Youku gaining 4 million hits three months ago HERE. Now, months after, fans from DC2NE1 posts about Kiss MV getting 12 million hits on the same Chinese site, Youku 😀

Congratulations, Dara and Lee Min Ho! 🙂

Source: Youku

Caps Credits: DC2NE1 + Oh Dara!


Thanks to pinkyasumi and scarlet for the tip. 🙂

Video: CASS CF Epilogue (new!)

credit: leeminhovn@youtube

*spazz* *spazz* *spazz* Dara and Lee Min Ho… gorgeous couple! =D  edit: omo, i’m confused… Dara may be wearing the horse shoe ring or it may be the cass beer can tab… anyhoo, thanks to sakata, louraine and yap. Let’s all hope for a cass part 2 or better yet, a drama project. We want more, yes? Yeah =D