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Photos: OhDara Throwback ~ Feel the Thrill Once Again with Dara and Lee Minho’s Cass CF/ Kiss MV Outtakes

And while we’re doing throwbacks and focusing on Cass, here are outtakes taken from the shoot! Outtakes are shots that did not make it to the final cut.. ^_^ Check out the official photos HERE and some of the outtakes/BTS, which were already posted, HERE .. They aren’t screencaps from the original, but shots they didn’t use.. XD Enjoy you guys! ❤

Yes, they took many cuts from the bar kiss scene, in some pics you see Dara with her headphones on, and in the others, its with her headphones off.. XD Some pics weren’t uploaded here on OhDara, so there might be some that will seem new-ish to you guys.. ^_^










Photos: OhDara Throwback~ Behind the Scenes of Dara and Lee Minho Shooting the “Concert” Scene for Kiss MV/ Cass CF

Okay, so after a bit of backtracking, I found out that these babies weren’t posted on OhDara yet, le gasp.. XD So here they are! Throwback to when Dara and Lee Minho were filming for Cass CF/ Kiss MV.. ^_^ DARAMA DARAMA DARAMA! T_T











Sources: As Tagged (these were in my HD for so long, I forgot where I got them. T_T Naver blogs for sure, some from Daum)

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: Dara mentioned on the BTS of New Cass CF featuring CL!

Well this news surprised us! CL would have a solo CF for cass with actor Lee Dong Wook! ^_^ Yey for leader Chae!

During the interview part of the video, they talked about Dara’s  kissing scenes on her previous CFs such as Cass and Etude! CL said that she was there to support Dara when she was filming her Cass CF with Lee Minho, and she wondered why their kiss was so long! Kekeke. Cute kid-leader! ^_^ CL also talked about what Dara does when she is drunk. She said that when drunk, Dara runs, and then just falls asleep. Kekekeke! Our cutie Dara. ^^

CL also mentioned during the interview that 2NE1’s comeback will be in a matter of 10 days! She also said that their new album is something to look forward too. ^^

(A/N: Keep in mind that there are no announcements from YG about this yet. I hope its true though! I can’t wait for 2NE1!!! ^_^)

Credit: dcspritetok@Youtube + @pab0sarang + @ilove2NE1girls

Photos: [2009] Never before seen Cass Posters featuring Dara and Lee Min Ho

All together now… Drama! Drama! Drama! *crazy fangirl mode* lmao XD This Cass CF will forever be epic in my book. 🙂

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Credits: Cass + Reuploaded by knucklepink/BlackjackBelle@OhDara 

Video: CASS CF Epilogue (new!)

credit: leeminhovn@youtube

*spazz* *spazz* *spazz* Dara and Lee Min Ho… gorgeous couple! =D  edit: omo, i’m confused… Dara may be wearing the horse shoe ring or it may be the cass beer can tab… anyhoo, thanks to sakata, louraine and yap. Let’s all hope for a cass part 2 or better yet, a drama project. We want more, yes? Yeah =D