Well this news surprised us! CL would have a solo CF for cass with actor Lee Dong Wook! ^_^ Yey for leader Chae!

During the interview part of the video, they talked about Dara’s  kissing scenes on her previous CFs such as Cass and Etude! CL said that she was there to support Dara when she was filming her Cass CF with Lee Minho, and she wondered why their kiss was so long! Kekeke. Cute kid-leader! ^_^ CL also talked about what Dara does when she is drunk. She said that when drunk, Dara runs, and then just falls asleep. Kekekeke! Our cutie Dara. ^^

CL also mentioned during the interview that 2NE1’s comeback will be in a matter of 10 days! She also said that their new album is something to look forward too. ^^

(A/N: Keep in mind that there are no announcements from YG about this yet. I hope its true though! I can’t wait for 2NE1!!! ^_^)

Credit: dcspritetok@Youtube + @pab0sarang + @ilove2NE1girls

Comments on: "Video: Dara mentioned on the BTS of New Cass CF featuring CL!" (11)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. it’s already blocked..=(..poor me..

  3. strangebones said:

    OMG! CL IS SO CUTE!!! I’M DYING!! Oh my, God. He looks like he cant even handle chaerin. Thats a 2NE1 leada’! I wish she would talk about herself more though.

  4. lovelove said:

    i have a feeling that dara goning to have a drama (FEELING)

  5. Haha. CL is so cute. She is always concerned about Dara. I am excited about 2NE1’s comeback. The wait is a killer. But I have no doubt that they will be awesome as ever!!

  6. This is so unfair!! comeback in 10 days with no promotions? what is this YG?? experimenting on 2ne1 again? I really can’t understand him.. he should experiment on BB coz they’re more huge in korea fangirls will buy their album no matter what!

    • you should put some faith to our girls. remember that without any promotion of their mini album, they were able to make it on the top charts and create and all kill hits and besides even without promotion, yg has a huge trusts to our girls that they can pull off any songs and make people love their songs. and btw, yg did that to bb, remember the monster song? it became a hit and reached 1m views in just one day without any promotion. you should read, for you to know. ^^,

  7. i guess, this is what yg is referring to about the girls being active in broadcast (interviews, cfs, etc.)…. maybe this year that dara will have a drama series. i hope so! (cross fingers)…

  8. whoa!
    Ldw+Cl? Totally unexpected but surprisingly perfect couple!!
    He’s one of my 1st korean crushes! Way before I became obsessed with 2ne1 & Lee Minho.. Dang! DaRin couple soo lucky!

    I’ve always wondered why so few Guys confess they like her.. Like Hyori she’s the complete package..I mean sure her overflowing charisma is intimidating but if they’re really 2ne1 fans then they should know how adorable Chaerin is off stage..but seeing how a top star like him looks so awkward & a newbie besides her.. I fully understand now..only one guy treats her like a kid.. Teddy! Now Ia understand her obsession with her Papa Teddy heheh

    -side note: Dara drunk= runs aimlessly then falls asleep..totally Dara like! Hahah

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