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Instagram+ HQ Photos: 161211 Grateful Judge Dara Thanked Blackjacktographer for the “Amazing Photos” During her Performance For PBS Grand Reveal Night

When Dara first posted our fantaken photo, I was really surprised and happy kekeke! I was thinking of uploading the HQs late because work and schedule has been KILLING lately, but because she requested it, here we are! Anything for our queen! ❤ It was worth all the sweat and sore bones being at the live show and taking fancams and pics! Was NOT easy, I swear! But all worth it for our Dara! ❤ – Belle

CzeNhQbUcAAs-VY (1).jpg

Thanks for the amazing photos. 🙏🏻 photo by Blackjacktographer

Here Below are pictures in HQ taken by WeLoveDara team & rinnaleong 










Instagram: Proud Noona Dara Shares Another Adorable, Sweet Picture of “Doong & Doong” ~ “I Just Wanna Kiss”

OMG THUNDER LOOKS SO HANDSOME! This isn’t the first time I’m jealous of Dadoong, but I really want to be Dadoong at the moment Thunder kissed him. Kekeke! XD


I just wanna kiss ~ Doong&Doong



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: OhDara Throwback ~ Feel the Thrill Once Again with Dara and Lee Minho’s Cass CF/ Kiss MV Outtakes

And while we’re doing throwbacks and focusing on Cass, here are outtakes taken from the shoot! Outtakes are shots that did not make it to the final cut.. ^_^ Check out the official photos HERE and some of the outtakes/BTS, which were already posted, HERE .. They aren’t screencaps from the original, but shots they didn’t use.. XD Enjoy you guys! ❤

Yes, they took many cuts from the bar kiss scene, in some pics you see Dara with her headphones on, and in the others, its with her headphones off.. XD Some pics weren’t uploaded here on OhDara, so there might be some that will seem new-ish to you guys.. ^_^










Photos: OhDara Throwback~ Behind the Scenes of Dara and Lee Minho Shooting the “Concert” Scene for Kiss MV/ Cass CF

Okay, so after a bit of backtracking, I found out that these babies weren’t posted on OhDara yet, le gasp.. XD So here they are! Throwback to when Dara and Lee Minho were filming for Cass CF/ Kiss MV.. ^_^ DARAMA DARAMA DARAMA! T_T











Sources: As Tagged (these were in my HD for so long, I forgot where I got them. T_T Naver blogs for sure, some from Daum)

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: Pops In Seoul Does a Throwback to September 2009 – Dara’s Kiss Featured!

Arirang’s “Pops In Seoul” did a throwback featuring the events that happened during the second week of September 5 years ago. And wowwww, it’s been 5 years since Dara released Kiss?! Crazy to realize, huh? ^^ But yes, I remember that Dara’s “Kiss” really caused a stir, it went to number one in the chart when it was released, and even overtook G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” for a while.. ^_^

POPS IN SEOUL-Sandara PARK (Kiss) 산다라박 (KISS)


OMG Fancam: 120902 Hot Hot Hot Dara for KISS at “New Evolution” Osaka, Japan

OH MY LORDY!!! Where did Dara learn to be so flirty, cute and seductive at the same time?!? She is such a cute flirt! So wholesome but seductive at the same time! Can you see the fanboy taking big gulps? He’s trying so so so hard to keep it all in! Oh my god Baby Girl! Its like I’m having a mini heart attack while smiling so wide at the same time! Wow! Wow ! Wow!

Source: OH MY GODDESS, @ohmygoddessDARA, @OMG_SANDAR

OMG Fancam: Hot, Hot, Hot Like Fayaahhh KISS Fancam from “New Evolution” Osaka, Japan (D-3)

DARA OMG YOU GORGEOUS GODDESS YOU! Where did you learn to flirt like this, UNF JUST UNF! OMG~! She just sat on the fanboy’s lap! And then held his neck and shifted his cap to the side, and THEN leaned her forehead on his temple, and THEN kissed him! WHY AM I NOT A FANBOY? T_T 

Come and die with me and don’t forget to leave your spazz comments on the post itself! 

Warning! The video is even hotter than the measly caps my over-spazzed mind came up with.. 



Source: @Frolicker_21 of Oh My Goddess

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Fancams: 120824 Dara – Kiss at “New Evolution” Los Angeles

OMGGGGG!!! Ok seriously! I have seen this performed live and I have seen this in fancams over and over again and I still get goosebumps and tingles whenever I watch Kiss! ^_^ Come on join me and spazz! Watch the video! What a lucky fanboy!

But before anything else, here’s an imprint of Dara’s KISS on the lucky fanboy’s cheek!!!


Fancams: 120817 Dara Performs “Kiss” at “New Evolution”, New Jersey

I already uploaded some Kiss fancams in the other posts but I figured I’d make a special one and continue to upload new fancams here! ^_^ If you need more Kiss fancams, check out previous posts!

This deserves a special mention because you can see Dara kissing the lucky fanboy here! Kekeke! The fanboy is so cute jumping up and down! Kekeke

The fancam below is truly a must-see especially for the fanboy screaming in the background! I swear! I love it so much!

Sandara! Sandara! Noo! Nooo! Sandara!!!!! Oh my god! Noo! Sandara! Come here!!! Noooo! What? Did she pick? Where?

This is what the fanboy, @Zeushero, wrote in the description box:

SANDARA! She wanted to pick me but she couldnt find me! She was trying to find me and I kept yelling out to her so she could pick me. Sandara my love!

I’m sorry Sandara! I couldnt be in VIP so you could choose me! 😦 
Come back again and I’ll be sure to be there so you can choose me

Source: LuvSuJuSHINeeB2ST@YouTube, Zeushero@YouTube, foreverTAEMIN9192@YouTube