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Project Report: A “New Evolution” in New Jersey and Los Angeles (Confirmation Shot)

Thanks to @MamaWowa, @Che_329, @zee_unnie, @endiglare, Keena and @ohmygoddessDARA, we are happy to report that our project in New Jersey and Los Angeles was a success! Thank you so much girls for all your help! Here are a few pictures to show our project for Dara in “New Evolution” New Jersey and Los Angeles. This project would not have been possible were it not for the Daralings earlier mentioned.


Dara just tweeted this photo of the Guitar Strap! ^_^


Banners and flowers were prepared to welcome ALL girls to New York! ^_^

Click the link below for a more!


Article: 2NE1 Invades America – Behind the Scenes With the K-Pop Phenomenon

2NE1 Invades America: Behind the Scenes With the K-Pop Phenomenon 

“I have to kill it. They’ve been waiting so long, I just have to kill it,” says CL, leader of K-pop sensation 2NE1. It’s almost 9:30 p.m. and she and her bandmember’s Prudential Arena show in Newark, NJ was supposed to begin an hour and a half ago.

CL’s bandmembers are in various states of readiness: Minzy continues to receive quick lipstick and hair fixes as she chats quietly with CL in Korean, the adorable and nymph-like Dara shuffles in and out of the dressing room nervously (despite a fierce half-shaved haircut), and Bom is still in the make-up chair having her hair and face re-touched. The dressing room has handlers everywhere (at least two per girl, though none are pressuring them to get a move on), a steaming vaporizer machine, a deli platter no one’s eating, two boxes of American cigarettes, and a lone piece of red velvet cake.

It’s a big night for 2NE1, not to mention K-pop in general. 2NE1’s “New Evolution” tour makes them the genre’s first girl group to have a global tour, as well as the first to hold a solo arena show in the U.S. Perhaps this is the reason for delay; the girls need to be perfect for such a big debut.


Feature: MTV K Concert Recap – 2NE1 at Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

MTV K Concert Recap: 2NE1 @ Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

After being crowned MTV Iggy’s Best New Band last December in New York City, CL, Dara, Park Bom, and Minzy of 2NE1 have returned to the states for their New Evolution tour. They’ve become the first K-pop girl group to hold a headlining world tour, and the two-stop American leg of New Evolution kicked off in Newark’s Prudential Center last Friday.


Fancams: 120817 “New Evolution” in New Jersey

If you guys haven’t watched a single fancam from “New Evolution” in New Jersey yet and you want super close-up fancams of our girls, then I suggest you watch the fancams below. It doesn’t capture the whole stage but has awesome close-up shots of the girls. We have also uploaded lots and lots and lots of fancams previously, all you have to do is check out our earlier posts and you’ll be in fancam heaven! ^_^ Enjoy!



Photo: 2NE1 Featured on the New York Times (Arts Section)

We shared the article written by The New York Times previously and here is the actual photo of the article in the newspaper.

Source: kmacwin@instagram

Photos: 120817 Gorgeous Dara at “New Evolution” in New Jersey Part 2 (HQ)

There are some photos here that I didn’t watermark just because they are too precious to watermark! ^_^ So please enjoy these photos!


Photos: 120817 2NE1 at “New Evolution” in New Jersey Part 2 (HQ)


Photos: 120817 2NE1’s “New Evolution” Global Tour Band in New Jersey

The coolest band ever! Divinity Roxx (@diviroxx), Dani Ivory (@daniivory) and Sharon Aguilar (@Sharon__Aguilar)!!! ^_^


Photos: 120817 Gorgeous Dara at “New Evolution” in New Jersey

Again, thank you so much to @Che_329 for these photos! When taking out, please do not edit the watermarks! 


Photos: 120817 2NE1 at “New Evolution” in New Jersey (HQ)

Thank you so much @Che_329 for the awesome photos! ^^ Thank youuuuuuuuu!