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Twitter: Dara Shares “Do You Love Me” with 2NE1 Band Guitarist, Sharon Aguilar ~ “What A Fun Song!”

The love between 2NE1 and the band that they toured with last year is just divine.. ❤



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Twitter: Sharon Aguilar asks Dara ” Have you been enjoying your Fender electric guitar?”

Sharon Aguilar was part of the amazing 2NE1 band that performed with the girls during the New Evolution Tour. She and Dara have become close with Dara’s interest in playing guitar as you can see in some footage, playing together and such ^^


SHARON: Hi Dara! How is the guitar playing going? Have you been enjoying your Fender electric guitar? Miss you! ❤ #2ne1


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Article: Guitarist Sharon Aguilar Mentions 2NE1 on Interview with Guitar World

Guitar Girl’d: Interview with Sharon Aguilar on CeeLo, 2NE1 and Miss President

Miss President

Sharon Aguilar wasn’t even going to audition.

But what the heck. She was in the right place at the right time, took a chance and landed a gig playing and touring worldwide with CeeLo Green during his Lady Killer album tour. As a student at Musicians Institute, Aguilar knew going to the Hollywood-based school would give her opportunities. She just didn’t realize they’d come so soon and mean so much.

Aguilar has experienced a second world tour with K-pop group 2NE1 and is still going strong. Focusing now on her projects at home in LA, Aguilar is excited about the launch of her new group, Miss President, made up of many of her touring mates, including DANiiVORY, Goldielox and B.Brooks.

I caught up with Aguilar as she returned to the US from Asia to shoot the breeze, talk guitar and get the scoop.

GUITAR WORLD: So, you’ve been doing a bit of traveling.

Yes, yes. Just got done with a six-month tour in Asia with the K-pop group 2NE1. That was a lot of fun. It was a part of the world I’ve never got to see before, so it was definitely a highlight to be able to play a lot of the venues out there and experience the culture.

Tell me about 2NE1.

I was playing with 2NE1 on their New Revolution Tour. It was a global tour, and we did a couple shows in the States too, at the Prudential Center and one at Nokia, which was sold out. It was a really cool show, actually produced a lot of their tracks, and he came to the show and just started rapping over the encore and hanging out with us on stage, which was really cool.

But the 2NE1 girls, they’re a really big K-pop group. I felt bad because I really had no idea that there were other markets like that. I just felt like American entertainment was the be-all-end-all, and I feel ignorant for saying that. It just really opened my eyes to see what else is going on in the world, because K-pop is huge! These girls were selling out stadiums. It was just incredible. And they have very dedicated fans. It was a lot of fun.

*omitted parts not related to 2NE1*


Source: Guitar World – Read full interview HERE

Twitter: Dara Greets Sharon Aguilar a Happy Birthday and Shows Off Her New Baby

Sweet Darong greets one of her guitar teachers a happy birthday! <333 And look, Dara’s showing her new baby! Looks like she bough an electronic guitar! Wooot!!! I can’t wait to see rocking Dara!!! ^_^


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Photos: 120817 2NE1’s “New Evolution” Global Tour Band in New Jersey

The coolest band ever! Divinity Roxx (@diviroxx), Dani Ivory (@daniivory) and Sharon Aguilar (@Sharon__Aguilar)!!! ^_^


Twitter/Photos: 2NE1’s “New Evolution” Global Tour Band Heads to Seoul

For more tweets, click the link below!


Twitter/Photo: Sharon Aguilar – “I will be playing guitar for 2NE1 on a world tour…”

Another member of 2NE1’s band tweeted about her involvement in “New Evolution” Global Concert Tour. 

Getting ready to hit the road again! I will be playing guitar for 2NE1 on a world tour along withDANiiVORY, and Beyoncé’s bassist Divinity Roxx =) We had a great first day of rehearsal today!

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