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Twitter/Photos: 2NE1’s “New Evolution” Global Tour Band Heads to Seoul

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Twitter/Photo: Sharon Aguilar – “I will be playing guitar for 2NE1 on a world tour…”

Another member of 2NE1’s band tweeted about her involvement in “New Evolution” Global Concert Tour. 

Getting ready to hit the road again! I will be playing guitar for 2NE1 on a world tour along withDANiiVORY, and Beyoncé’s bassist Divinity Roxx =) We had a great first day of rehearsal today!

Source: @Sharon__Aguilar

Twitter/Cap: Daniivory “My rig so far for the 2NE1 world tour!!!!”

Last night, Daniivory tweeted that they were having their first rehearsal for 2NE1’s “New Evolution” Global Tour. This morning, she tweeted again showing off her “bad azzzz keyboards..”

 Again, Daniivory is part of 2NE1’s Band for their “New Evolution” Concert Tour.

Day #1 of 2NE1 rehearsals finito…we three made some dope music today! From L–>R Sharon Aguilar, @divinityroxx, and DANiiVORY

Source: @daniivory