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Instagram: Guitarist Justin Lyons Shares a Picture with “#acousticslayerDARA” ~ “Dara Is So Much Fun!”

Justin Lyons is one of the guitarist for 2NE1’s “All Or NOthing” concert! He and Dara were the ones who played the guitar during “Come Back Home” acoustic! ❤


If u guys were not in the building last night, u missed an awesome treat with #thebandsix and #2ne1 #dara is so much fun @daraxxi us rocking out on #iDONTcare. Love u girls….. #prs #SAGA #guitarslayer with#acousticslayerDARA #tour #aonworldtour


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Instagram: Sharon Aguilar Share a “Throwback Thursday” Picture of 2NE1 Band with Dara and CL

I miss the 2NE1 band! T_T I hope they get back together soon! Like during MAMA! ^^


Throwback Thursday! 2NE1 band, @t2dani @diviroxxGabe and me hanging with @daraxxi and @chaelin_clafter a show on the New Evolution tour 🙂 #2ne1 #dara#CL #newevolutiontour #tour #fun #love #kpop#femaleguitarist #femaleband #hot #blackjacks#tourlife #igers


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Twitter: Dara Shares “Do You Love Me” with 2NE1 Band Guitarist, Sharon Aguilar ~ “What A Fun Song!”

The love between 2NE1 and the band that they toured with last year is just divine.. ❤



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Twitter: Sharon Aguilar asks Dara ” Have you been enjoying your Fender electric guitar?”

Sharon Aguilar was part of the amazing 2NE1 band that performed with the girls during the New Evolution Tour. She and Dara have become close with Dara’s interest in playing guitar as you can see in some footage, playing together and such ^^


SHARON: Hi Dara! How is the guitar playing going? Have you been enjoying your Fender electric guitar? Miss you! ❤ #2ne1


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Twitter: Adorable Dara Greets Her Favorite Band A Merry Christmas



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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) to 2NE1 Band – “2NE1 Band Forever!!!”

Dara is too sweet! Always always appreciates the people around her. <333 2NE1 and 2NE1 band jjang! 

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Twitter/Photo: Gabriel Wallace Proudly Shows Off 2NE1 Band’s Shoes

Oooohhh, looks like the band got their own shoes too.. ^_^ Nice nice! ❤

Yo! So touched by this gift from #2NE1!! Thanx Ladies!!! 😀 Wow..#2NE1band … Ok Taipei let’s party! #Blackjacks


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Twitter/Photos: 120715 Inga Willis Sound Checks with the Band and 2NE1

Looks like the girls went straight to band rehearsals after Inkigayo! ^^ Seeing them rehearse excites me 100x more! Can’t wait to see and hear them perform with the band! ^_^

“Sound Check…. #2ne1 #korea”

CL with a quarter-Dara. Keke! ^^

“For my blackjacks!! #CL #2ne1 #korea”

Clink the link below for photos of the band! ^^


Twitter: 2NE1’s “New Evolution” Band Tweets About Rehearsals with 2NE1

Woot! Looks like the girls are starting the rehearsals with the live band! I am soooo ready with what they have in store for us!!! Are you? Keke! ^__^

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