There are some photos here that I didn’t watermark just because they are too precious to watermark! ^_^ So please enjoy these photos!

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Comments on: "Photos: 120817 Gorgeous Dara at “New Evolution” in New Jersey Part 2 (HQ)" (17)

  1. Omg she’s hot beautiful in any angle and who gave that cap to dara?

    • from a fan :)) she looks like an angel.. whoever DARA’s BOYFRIEND he is a lucky guy :))

  2. Hyper super beautiful ♥

  3. Goddess!!
    Wow! I Love all these photos!
    Thanks for sharing! ^^
    She looks stunning in every pic!

  4. Dara is SMOKIN’ Hot!!! Every Angle of her is Just So Perfect!! A Real Beauty!

  5. And we think the camera man is also impressed by her beauty & expressions coz in almost all songs in the concert, her face is the last shot on the big screen kekeke…

  6. Beautiful DARA!!! She is as or even more beautiful in real life. I am always in complete awe every time I see her. And her physical beauty is just the icing coz she is very sweet also. She smiled & waved throughout the concert & we know she meant it kekeke…

  7. lovegdarapg said:

    Thanks for photos. Also Thanks oh Dara! I can’t say how much i love her. My Dara is the best. I feel happy becoz of her smile!:):):):):)

  8. ckjack_bla said:

    She looks pretty whenever, wherever coz she has this “etheral aura”. Certified goddess! ^^b

  9. queenstar said:

    i really love all of dara’s outfit in there necon…
    Super love Dara as well…especially while seeing her enjoying at the stage ^_^

  10. smoking hot dara! ♥_♥

  11. Dara is so pretty I want to cry T__T

    • me too!! T.T i luv u Goddess Dee<33333
      the 1st,2nd,3rd pic look like paintings… beautiful<3333 These pic should be made into Poster!!!!!sigh

  12. thank you so much…basking in Dara’s beautiful face. She looks so happy in the photos and I love that she doesn’t look tired and ugly in whatever angle. haha

  13. thanx f0r the phot0^_^ it’s all beautiful^_^

  14. Loving the 3rd photo so much! but I love all the photos!

  15. wow!!! these photos are just sooooo beautiful and moments are perfectly captured!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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