Yay,  I can’t wait to watch it.. 2ne1 Jjang!!!..They will be the first Asian Singer to be Featured in Facebook Live, how amazing is that??

아시아 그룹으로 처음!전세계에 생중계되는 투애니원의 페이스북 라이브 인터뷰쇼! 저희가 직접 페이스북 미국본사를 방문한답니다~!마크 주커버그님 볼수있을까요?+.+두근두근…한국시각으로는 23일 오전 9시에 약 45분간 생중계 됩니다! 보면서 좋아요~많이 클릭해줘용!^^ 5分 前 (미국 현지시각으로는 22일 오후 5시 <태평양표준시 PDT>)

“First Asian group! 2NE1’sFacebook Live interview show to broadcast live all around the world! We will be visiting the Facebook headquarters in the US~! Will we be able to see Mark Zuckerberg? +_+ pit-a-pat… It’ll be aired on August 23 at 9 am for 45 minutes Korean time! As you watch, click ‘Like’! ^^”

Source: Dara me2day

Translated by: eNewsWorld

Comments on: "Me2Day: 2NE1 on Facebook Live; First Asian Singer to be Featured" (3)

  1. 0k im gonna wait f0r that pls. speak english dara

  2. Congrats Dara-ya~ Yiee!! I wish to see you interact and speak in English again!
    You will do great! Fighting!
    Congrats 2NE1! looking forward to that event! 🙂

  3. Angelique said:

    Will this be in English? Since it is a world-wide event, right? Because otherwise I have to wait until it is subbed and that will probably take loooong! *hoping*

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