Again, thank you so much to @Che_329 for these photos! When taking out, please do not edit the watermarks! 

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Comments on: "Photos: 120817 Gorgeous Dara at “New Evolution” in New Jersey" (8)

  1. sure, that blue hairy thing didn’t bury dara’s beauty. but i really don’t get why she allowed herself to be dressed in that. same goes for yg, their stylists. it was like they were thinking she really really had to tone down her gorgeousness sometimes (coz the shave-sideswept hair combo is making her look hot!) by wearing very odd clothes. i think this is the weirdest yet in 2ne1’s history and so out of sync with the rest of the girls. and jeremy? i wonder what he was imagining (or watching/reading/listening to) when he designed those, including minzy’s pink getup?
    as for the cycling shorts, if she/they can’t do without those, can’t she use something light in color to make it less distracting? though i’ll say that 2nd night in seoul was the most bothersome coz the length of the shorts were glaringly uneven. i wonder if nobody noticed that backstage, with all the stylists and assistants that yg had. if it was intentional, i’d really like to know the story behind it LOL

  2. lovegdarapg said:

    My dara is soooooooo pretty! She has beautiful face.and then she has nice hair style so whatever she wear,she is so pretty & gorgeous.

  3. Only Dara can rock a fur dress & cycling shorts that roll down haha! Beautiful Goddess! My girl looks hot whatever. lol

  4. g0ddess D s0000 sexy she needs t0 sh0w m0re 0f his sexiness*_*

  5. that hideous fur made Dara look like member of a stone age family. its not pretty at all. She deserves better.

  6. So true kekekeke. Its so annoying the leggings so distracting i hope they fix that it ruin dara’s sexiness. But still she’s so pretty.

  7. Dara is so pretty 🙂 She has a bad-ass hairstyle but her outfits are showing her sexy side.
    I agree with QW burn those hideous fur and include those freakin’ cycling shorts. I saw some videos fron their Nolza concert and those shorts are also showing…haven’t they even thought of fixing it’s length…it’s obviously too loose on Dara’s thighs.

  8. Goddess Dee looks stunning<3333… but she need to burn that hideous fur!!!ugh…stupid fag designer!!!ugh
    Thanks for sharing these pic<3333

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