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Article: Korea Herald – “2NE1 Snags Billboard’s Best K-pop Album Pick of 2014”

2NE1 snags Billboard’s best K-pop album pick of 2014


As the countdown to 2015 approaches, the assessment of the year’s best songs, albums and industry newcomers is in full swing. Rounding out the year, Billboard’s top picks of the 10 best K-pop albums of 2014 land the feisty K-pop icons of 2NE1 the crown.

The ladies’ second full-length album, “Crush,” was praised for cleverly exploring hybrid genres including reggae and R&B and landed them at the No. 1 spot, beating out other much awaited K-pop heavy-weight comebacks such as Seo Taiji and Rain.

The magazine referred to opening the album with its eponymous single, which is not the album’s lead track, as a sign that although the group’s sound is maturing, the ladies have not forgotten where they come from. “ ... opening the record with ‘Crush,’ with its bewitching Middle-Eastern vibe and aggressive attitude similar to their signature hit “I Am the Best” proved that the girls know where their roots lie and they’re happy to treat fans while still evolving as artists.

According to Billboard, “Crush” debuted at No. 61 on the Billboard 200, marking the highest chart position and biggest sales week for a K-pop album ever. The album was released on Feb. 27 and came nearly four years after the group’s first full-length album, “To Anyone.”

In somewhat of a surprising twist, taking second place on Billboard’s stamp of the year’s best K-pop albums is a band that would not even be labeled as a K-pop act by locals. Popular indie band Nell beat out the likes of K-pop starlet IU for the No. 2 spot with the band’s latest sixth full album, “Newton’s Apple.” Coincidentally released on the exact same day as 2NE1’s album, the magazine referred to Nell’s record as the strongest Korean rock album of the year.

… ‘Newton’s Apple’ highlights Nell’s vocalist/chief composer Kim Jong Wan’s clever and honest songwriting skills. … All the lyrics are wrapped in warm, lush arrangements and instrumentals that enchant the listener simply by themselves,” Billboard wrote.

With IU and Seo Taiji taking the third and fourth spots, respectively, rounding out the rest of the Top 10 lists are HA:TFELT (known best as Yenny from the Wonder Girls), Taeyang of Big Bang, B.A.P., Epik High, CNBLUE and Rain’s “Rain Effect.”

As for Billboard’s list of the year’s 20 best K-pop songs, Beast took the top spot with the boy band’s single, “Good Luck,” followed by Seo Taiji & IU’s “Sogyeokdong” and G-Dragon & Taeyang’s “Good Boy.”

Of course, no Korean music chart would seem complete without one of cheekiest faces of K-pop. Despite his fading presence from the mainstream international spotlight this year, Psy has still managed to infiltrate the magazine’s year-end round-ups with the artist’s 2-year-old viral phenom single “Gangnam Style” being ranked at No. 14 of the year’s most streamed songs.

Psy was also listed as the 15th most streamed artist of 2014, beating out global superstars Chris Brown, Eminem, One Direction and Maroon 5.

Credits: Korea Herald

Article: Billboard ~ “2NE1’s Dara & ‘Walking Dead’ Actor Steven Yeun Star in Web Series About Food Porn”

2NE1’s Dara & ‘Walking Dead’ Actor Steven Yeun Star in Web Series About Food Porn


The K-pop singer and TV actor play a couple torn apart by food porn in ‘What’s Eating Steven Yeun?’

2NE1‘s Dara gets to show off her comedy chops in a new web series co-starringSteve Yeun of The Walking Dead.

Playing themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend in What’s Eating Steven Yeun?, the celebrity couple gets torn apart when the actor decides he needs to “make it in [his] parents’ home country.” He leaves Dara in California and flies overseas to meet with Korean actor Park Hyuk Kwon who uses Yeun to create the ultimate star in “mokbang” (a.k.a. “broadcast eating” or “food porn”).

The K-pop and Hollywood collaboration comes via Be Funny Studios and Funny Or Die, who also brought together HyunA and Rita Ora for their “Girl, You Better Walk” skit earlier this year, as well as f(x) and Anna Kendrick in 2013.

Video: 140528 2NE1’s Exclusive Interview on Billboard ~ “Crush, Music Videos, and Hip-Hop Dara”

Here’s 2NE1’s interview on Billboard, for those who can’t view the video as is! ❤ Enjoy you guys! Transcription of the vid is here too.. ^_^

140527 2ne1 Interview on Billboard

Credits: donnyoppa

2NE1: Hi we’re 2NE1 and you’re watching Billboard.

Billboard: Please introduce your new album “Crush”.

CL: It’s our first album in four years. It feels great to be able to come back to everyone with a new album like this.

Billboard: “Crush” broke the record for highest-charting and best one-week sales for a Kpop album on The Billboard 200. What was your reaction?

CL: It felt so great. To be honest, we prepared for this album for so long so that it felt like a surprise gift and we think it was a perfect way to start off (our promotion). Thank you.

Billboard: Do you have any plans to release a music video for any other tracks aside from “Come Back Home” and “Happy”?

DARA: Is it a secret? Well, it’s not a secret. We do have plans. I believe it’ll be released soon.

CL: To be honest, we already filmed it.

DARA: Yes, we secretly filmed it.

Billboard: When?

CL: We’re also curious.

Billboard: You just began your tour. Do you plan on going to any other countries outside of Asia? What are some new aspects we can look forward to on this tour?

CL: We started our tour in Asia, but honestly, we’re not sure what’s going to happen. We are trying our best to go see our fans in various countries, but as of now, I don’t think we can release any concrete details.

CL: If given the chance, we would to go everywhere, right?

DARA: Right, we want to go see everyone.

CL: I think this tour is great, becase we get to perform all our new songs.

Billboard: It’s now been five years since 2NE1 has been together. How does this feel?

2NE1: Yay!

CL: There’s not that many days left, right? (so they filmed this interview before their anniversary, before AON in Manila)

MINZY: It’s really been 5 years. I was in middle school when we debuted.

BOM: Seriously. It still feels like we’re rookies. It feels so weird hearing it’s our fifth year.

Billboard: What are some of your top, most memorable moments in the past five years?

DARA: There are so many, but I think my most memorable moment is the day we debuted with “Fire.” I still can’t forget how nervous I was at that moment.

BOM: I was so nervous, and shaking way too much, so I don’t really remember our debut stage.

BOM: Honestly, I think I really remember when we won the “Best Song of the Year” award.

MINZY: I remember crying a lot when we won the “Best Song of the Year with “Fire.”

CL: I’m not too sure, because I’m bad at remembering everything. I have a short memory span.

DARA: This moment right now.

CL: Yes, I believe I’ll remember this moment the most.

Billboard: You have so many great music videos throughout the year. What is each member’s favorite music video?

CL: Favorite and memorable are different though!

BOM: The video I remember the most would have to be “Fire.” We had such a hard time shooting since it was our first time, so when we look back at it now, it’s awkward and funny. Even when I watch it now, it still feels very fresh, so it’s very memorable. I think I have to think about the video I like.

MINZY: For me, the video I remember the most is “Can’t Nobody.” We filmed it for a week. The music video I like the most is “I Am The Best.”

DARA: This is hard. We were isolated while we were filming “Can’t Nobody” and “I Am The Best” for a week, but the end result was so great that they remain in my memory. But the music video I like the best is still “Fire-Street Version.”

DARA: When will I get to see myself like that again?

CL: Your own self?

DARA: Stuff like this. Hip-hop Dara.

CL: This is going to be shown in the States. Is that okay? They’re going to curse you.

DARA: No! My fresh and give-it-all attitude was memorable and seemed nice.

CL: I think I like our “Ugly” music video.

MINZY: The video you remember most?

CL: The video I remember the most is our Japanese version of “Crush,” which we filmed yesterday. It’s still fresh in my memory.

Billboard: Billbaord readers recently named “Crush” the best girl group album ever and most fashionable girl group. You beat out competition from groups like Destiny’s Child, Little Mix, and the Spice Girls. What is your reaction to these wins?

CL: I don’t know if we can compare ourselves to legendary artists from 10 years ago, but we really like and respect all the groups that were on the list. There are so many legendary artists that we feel blessed.

Billboard: What are your plans for the rest of 2014?

CL: This year? Well to be honest, half of 2014 has already by, and our Korean promotions have ended. Our tour will continue, and welook forward to putting out more new music for everyone to listen to.

Billboard: Message to your fans.

CL: To all the 2NE1 fans all over the world, thank you for always waiting for us and loving our music. We hope to see all of you often and up close! Please look forward to it!


Source: Billboard Video

Transcribed by: OhDara

Article: US Billboard, 2NE1 chosen as ‘Music Video Top 5’ greeting their 5th debut anniversary

US Billboard, 2NE1 chosen as ‘Music Video Top 5’ greeting their 5th debut anniversary


[OSEN=Park Hyun Min] US Billboard has chosen 2NE1 as ‘Music Video Top 5’ greeting their 5th debut anniversary.

2NE1 got attention since the Billboard reported this news in the midst of 2NE1’s 5th debut anniversary on May 17th.

The Billboard introduced 2NE1 as, “The 4-membered girl group, 2NE1 has debuted with unrestricted music by mixing hip-hop, dance, fast rap etc. They have recorded the highest among K-Pop album in US Billboard chart (Billboard 200) with their high-quality music and music video.”

The first ranked music video in the TOP 5 is their debut song ‘FIRE’ released in May, 2009. They gave a favorable comment, “FIRE attracts listeners with their rhyme played by synthesizer and percussion instruments, and with their sexy and strange clothes. CL’s ‘Cat suit’ and Bom’s ‘Bunny-look’ is interesting. FIRE shows powerful style, glamorous, and cute feminine charm”.

‘DO YOU LOVE ME’ ranked TOP 4 which was released in last August. The Billboard introduced, “This music video is not flashy with shocking fashion and sets, but rather having familiar background with swimming pool, cars, club etc. It is really fun having each member’s individuality exposed in it”.

‘CAN’T NOBODY’ ranked TOP 3 which was released in September, 2010. The Billboard assessed, “Its music video which hit YouTube in 2010, made fans notice their ‘swagger’ has one step upgraded. Their appearance was more surprising and each character was shown clearly”.

‘MISSING YOU’ ranked TOP 2 which was released in last November. The Billboard expressed, 2NE1 showed their smooth charm through their winter ballad. If the electro ballad, ‘I LOVE YOU’ was impressive at appearance part, then this song is more focused on ‘sensitivity’. It shows amazing metaphor of sensitivity when CL covers her arms and legs by herself in front of the camera”.

‘I AM THE BEST’ ranked TOP 1 which was released in June, 2011. The Billboard highly complimented, “There is no other appearance, style and sound than ‘I AM THE BEST’ which defines 2NE1. It has the most views in K-POP, having 90,000,000 views. If ‘FIRE’ is a song which promises fans with appearance, then ‘I AM THE BEST’ is the first and best realization of that promise”.

Meanwhile, 2NE1, who has opened their second world tour in Philippines at May 17th, is going to meet local fans by holding another concert in Kuala Lumpur on May 24th.


News: 2NE1 ‘CRUSH’ The Most Popular Girl Group Album on Billboard

2NE1 ‘Crush’, the most popular Girl Group album No. 1 ‘Amazing Victory’


[OSEN=Kim Gyeong Ju] 2NE1, the all-girl K-pop group that has recently made an impact in the States, had its album ‘Crush’ voted as the most favorite girl group album in the US Billboard.

Billboard conducted ‘Girl Group Week’ on Saturday and announced that 2NE1’s album ‘Crush’ was picked up as the most favorite girl group album.

According to Billboard, 2NE1’s album ‘Crush’ received 22% of voting, beating out Little Mix, ‘DNA’ and Spice Girls, ‘Spice’.

In the Most Fashionable Girl Group, 2NE1 received 31% of voting, beating out Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child.

Previously, 2NE1 set new U.S. record for ‘Billboard 200’, the highest rank in K-POP.


Source: Naver Star Cast


Article: Billboard – “2NE1, Spice Girls, Fifth Harmony Dominate Girl Group Week Readers’ Poll”

2NE1, Spice Girls, Fifth Harmony Dominate Girl Group Week Readers’ Poll


As’s Girl Group Week comes to a close, we wanted to reveal the results of our Girl Group Week Readers’ Poll, which allowed pop fans to vote for their favorite girl group albums, songs, music videos and much more. With hundreds of thousands of votes cast in just three days, it’s time to congratulate Spice Girls, 2NE1 and Fifth Harmony for emerging from the crowded field of girl groups and coming out on top in some of the biggest categories!

2NE1, the all-girl K-pop group that has recently made an impact in the States, had its album “Crush” voted as the favorite girl group album as a write-in vote, besting full-lengths by Little Mix, Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. The group also was voted the most fashionable girl group, earning 30 percent of the votes in the category.

Meanwhile, the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” was voted the fans’ favorite girl group single, with the U.K. collective’s only No. 1 Hot 100 single trumping favorites like TLC’s “Waterfalls” and Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name.” And although voters dubbed the Spice ladies the most overrated girl group, Ginger, Sporty, Posh, Baby and Scary also won the category “Girl Group That Needs To Make a Comeback.” Start practicing those dance moves now!

Check out the full results from the Girl Group Week Readers’ Poll below. And thanks for voting!

Favorite Girl Group Album

1. 2NE1, “Crush” (22%)
2. Little Mix, “DNA” (15%)
3. Spice Girls, “Spice” (12%

Most Promising New Girl Group

1. Fifth Harmony (96%)
2. Girls’ Generation (1%)
3. 2NE1 (1%)

Most Fashionable Girl Group

1. 2NE1 (31%)
2. Spice Girls (16%)
3. Destiny’s Child (12%)

*Omitted parts not related to 2NE1. Check the full article here!


Source: Billboard

News: 2NE1 Sets a New Kpop Record in America’s Billboard

2NE1, set a new K-POP record in America’s Billboard


[OSEN=Kang Seo Jung] A girl group 2NE1 recorded the highest ranks in the history of K-POP on ‘Billboard 200’, America’s Billboard main chart, and set a new record.

On March 5th (local time), said “2NE1 set a new American record” and added “CRUSH’ became 61st place on ‘Billboard 200’” and conveyed.

Also, they said “The title song ‘COME BACK HOME’ became 5th place on ‘World Digital Songs’ chart” and revealed.

With ‘Gangnam Style’, Psy became 2nd place on ‘Billboard HOT 100’, the single album chart, and set the highest record in the history of Korean pop and 2NE1 also got the highest record out of all the Korean pop albums as they became 61st place on ‘Billboard 200’, the album chart, with ‘CRUSH’.

With that, YG now has the highest record in the history of Korean pop in two Billboard main charts.

Meanwhile, Billboard chart is officially updated on 6th.

Credits: Naver Star Cast

News: Billboard – “2NE1 Sets New U.S. Record for Highest-Charting, Best-Selling K-Pop Album With ‘Crush'”

2NE1 Sets New U.S. Record for Highest-Charting, Best-Selling K-Pop Album With ‘Crush’


The female quartet snags the accomplishment without revealing any album material prior

K-pop notches its biggest sales week yet for an album, thanks to 2NE1. The girl group’s new album Crush opens at No. 61 on the Billboard 200, selling 5,000 copies in the week ending March 2, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The set surpasses the previous best week, logged by boy band BIGBANG’s “Alive” in 2012, which launched with 4,000. More impressively, the quartet managed the feat with four days of sales.

2NE1 also immediately sets the record for the highest-charting K-Pop album on the Billboard 200. Until this week’s chart, the scene had only hit as high as No. 126 with Girls’ Generation-TTS’ “Twinkle” EP in 2012.

Similarly to Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” EP rollout — which bows at No. 110 on Billboard 200 in the week ending March 2 — “Crush” had an atypical album release. The LP dropped on digital retailers on Feb. 27 without revealing any of the album’s material — not even a snippet. No music videos promoted the album either.

The videos for lead single “Come Back Home” (above) and album track “Happy” (below) were revealed on March 2, after that week’s tracking period. 2NE1 did spend 2013 promoting three digital singles — “Falling in Love,” “Do You Love Me?” and “Missing You” — but none appear on this LP.

Elsewhere on Billboard charts, 2NE1 sends every album track to the K-Pop Hot 100 this week, all charting inside the top 40 slots. Their chart dominance ranks as follows:

No. 2 “Come Back Home”
No. 4 “Gotta Be You”
No. 7 “If I Were You”
No. 9 “Crush”
No. 11 “Good to You”
No. 16 “MTBD”
No. 17 “Happy”
No. 18 “Scream”
No. 22 “Baby I Miss You”
No. 39 “Come Back Home (Unplugged Ver.)”

On the World Digital Songs chart, 2NE1 controls six of the 25 titles on the tally, led by “Come Back Home” at No. 5. All charts will be refreshed tomorrow morning on

Credits: Billboard


News: American Billboard Magazine Spotlights 2NE1.. “‘Come Back Home’ is a Booming Product”



[enews24 전수미 기자] American Billboard magazine drew attention by spotlighting 2NE1’s second full-length album that has recently been released.

In its article about 2NE1, which was published on the 3 this month (local time), Billboard says, “After spending 2013 experimenting with different images and sounds — from the sunny, reggae pop of “FALLING IN LOVE” to the sparse, piano ballad “MISSING YOU” — 2NE1′s new album “CRUSH” feels like a return to the group’s roots. The 10-track LP comes with hard-hitting, electro-pop/hip-hop tracks that recall some of 2NE1′s past singles while refreshing the formula with new sounds and influences.

Billboard introduces “COME BACK HOME” as “a reggae-trap hybrid” and says, “…mashes the two seemingly disparate genres into a booming final product”. The magazine goes on to say, “…the girls croon about losing a lover, asking him to ‘COME BACK HOME’ until the production flips into a heavy trap beat. At that point, the girls get seductive and demand their love to ‘COME, BABY BABY, COME, BABY BABY’.

While spotlighting 2NE1’s second full-length album that has recently been disclosed, Billboard is mentioning the music video of “COME BACK HOME”, one of the double title tracks of the new album, and “HAPPY”, another song included in the album.

About the music video of “COME BACK HOME”, the magazines explains, “In its computer graphic-heavy visual, 2NE1 live in a futuristic world where one can escape reality for a “virtual paradise” with a special machine”. Plus, it talks about the music video of “HAPPY” at the same time, “The video for album track “Happy” dropped alongside “Home,” revealing a much lighter side of the girls…” and recommends music fans to “watch the cartoon-inspired visual as the girls saunter around Los Angeles in their signature, crazy-patterned getups and hairstyles

Plus, Billboard is attracting all the more attention by giving a rave review to the unique characteristic of the genre to “COME BACK HOME”, “HAPPY”, as well as CL’s solo “MTBD”, saying, they “feel like the type of tracks Rihanna or Nicki Minaj would make if they were a little more open minded to genre fusion”.

Not only Billboard but also America’s FUSE TV is catching eyes with its in-depth study into 2NE1’s music videos. FUSE TV explains about the music video of “COME BACK HOME”, saying, “this sic-fi-themed video is about escaping a futuristic world that looks like a ‘virtual paradise’”. Then, it expresses its high expectations for a sequel of the music video by stating, “the music video ends with a scene in which 2NE1 members lead the uprising of the rebel army. Please tell me that there is a sequel”. Plus, just like Billboard, FUSE TV says, “The point of ‘HAPPY’s music video is the girls’ chic and unique costumes and hairstyle”.

2NE1 has stood under the spotlight since they disclosed the music video of “COME BACK HOME”, the title track of the new album, and “HAPPY”, another track of the album. 2NE1 has also proven their global popularity by making headlines of famous music magazines and websites including American Billboard magazine, FUSE TV, SPIN, POPDUST, and VICE.COM.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 disclosed the performance of the songs in their second full-length album for the first time at Seoul concert of their world tour “ALL OR NOHTING”, which was held on March 1 and 2 at Olympic Park SK Handball Hall located in Seoul. 2NE1 kicks off performances on TV on March 9 in SBS “INKIGAYO”.

Credits: YG Life

Article: Billboard – “2NE1, Girls’ Generation, CNBLUE: Whose New Single Is Best?” ~ Vote for 2NE1!

2NE1, Girls’ Generation, CNBLUE: Whose New Single Is Best?


As three of K-pop’s biggest acts 2NE1, CNBLUE and Girls’ Generation have reached audiences worldwide and managed to rack up a slew of international accolades, many in just the last 12 months.

Each group has held concerts past on their home continent, with CNBLUE most recently bringing its Korean rock to New York City’s Best Buy Theatre in January. All boast appearances on multiple Billboard charts, as 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation may possibly break Billboard 200 K-pop chart records this week. Plus, 2NE1 brought its hip-hop-meets-EDM sound to’s#willpower” album; CNBLUE continues to garner comparisons to Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz, and Girls’ Generation‘s sugary-sweet “I Got a Boy” video won the very-first video of the year award at the YouTube Music Awards over Justin Bieber, One Direction and Miley Cyrus.

The top-tier acts all dropped new singles within days of each other — but which is the standout K-pop release? Vote now in the poll below to show us why “Come Back Home,” “Can’t Stop” or “Mr.Mr.” is the hottest release of the moment:


The lead single off 2NE1‘s long-awaited “Crush” album, “Come Back Home” mashes up reggae and trap beats for a musical hybrid that also scales the girls’ emotional ranges: The quartet pleads a lover to “come back home” on the verse and chorus, but flips to seductive cooing when the beat drops. In less than 48 hours, the single’s CGI-heavy video has amassed 2.1 million views.

Take another listen to each new single from 2NE1, CNBLUE and Girls’ Generation, and vote for your favorite now!

(A/N: Omitted parts not related to 2NE1)

Credits: Billboard