US Billboard, 2NE1 chosen as ‘Music Video Top 5’ greeting their 5th debut anniversary


[OSEN=Park Hyun Min] US Billboard has chosen 2NE1 as ‘Music Video Top 5’ greeting their 5th debut anniversary.

2NE1 got attention since the Billboard reported this news in the midst of 2NE1’s 5th debut anniversary on May 17th.

The Billboard introduced 2NE1 as, “The 4-membered girl group, 2NE1 has debuted with unrestricted music by mixing hip-hop, dance, fast rap etc. They have recorded the highest among K-Pop album in US Billboard chart (Billboard 200) with their high-quality music and music video.”

The first ranked music video in the TOP 5 is their debut song ‘FIRE’ released in May, 2009. They gave a favorable comment, “FIRE attracts listeners with their rhyme played by synthesizer and percussion instruments, and with their sexy and strange clothes. CL’s ‘Cat suit’ and Bom’s ‘Bunny-look’ is interesting. FIRE shows powerful style, glamorous, and cute feminine charm”.

‘DO YOU LOVE ME’ ranked TOP 4 which was released in last August. The Billboard introduced, “This music video is not flashy with shocking fashion and sets, but rather having familiar background with swimming pool, cars, club etc. It is really fun having each member’s individuality exposed in it”.

‘CAN’T NOBODY’ ranked TOP 3 which was released in September, 2010. The Billboard assessed, “Its music video which hit YouTube in 2010, made fans notice their ‘swagger’ has one step upgraded. Their appearance was more surprising and each character was shown clearly”.

‘MISSING YOU’ ranked TOP 2 which was released in last November. The Billboard expressed, 2NE1 showed their smooth charm through their winter ballad. If the electro ballad, ‘I LOVE YOU’ was impressive at appearance part, then this song is more focused on ‘sensitivity’. It shows amazing metaphor of sensitivity when CL covers her arms and legs by herself in front of the camera”.

‘I AM THE BEST’ ranked TOP 1 which was released in June, 2011. The Billboard highly complimented, “There is no other appearance, style and sound than ‘I AM THE BEST’ which defines 2NE1. It has the most views in K-POP, having 90,000,000 views. If ‘FIRE’ is a song which promises fans with appearance, then ‘I AM THE BEST’ is the first and best realization of that promise”.

Meanwhile, 2NE1, who has opened their second world tour in Philippines at May 17th, is going to meet local fans by holding another concert in Kuala Lumpur on May 24th.


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