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Twitter/Instagram: BFS CEO Chris Lee shared a throw back photo with Dara , Steven etc.




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News: Sandara Park, Steven Yeun’s Video Gets Million Hits

Sandara Park, Steven Yeun’s Video Gets Million Hits


A video series featuring Sandara Park, a member of the K-pop girl group 2NE1, and actor Steven Yeun has received a total of more than 1 million views just four days since its release.

Released last week under the title “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?” by BeFUNNY Studios, the video series gained immediate attention from viewers.

The series, composed of three parody videos and a highlight episode, tells the comical yet serious story of Yeun trying to become a star in Korea.

Undergoing harsh eating training from his management agency, the Korean-American actor rises and falls as a celebrity who continuously eats while on the air — as a meokbang host. “Meokbang” is a recently coined Korean word for “TV eating shows.”

Park plays the part of Yeun’s girlfriend, who also dreams of becoming a meokbang host.

She received favorable comments from viewers for her role as the lovely but comical character.

BeFUNNY Studios is Asia’s first celebrity studio jointly created by CAA, an American agency that represents Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, and Funny or Die.

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Article: Billboard ~ “2NE1’s Dara & ‘Walking Dead’ Actor Steven Yeun Star in Web Series About Food Porn”

2NE1’s Dara & ‘Walking Dead’ Actor Steven Yeun Star in Web Series About Food Porn


The K-pop singer and TV actor play a couple torn apart by food porn in ‘What’s Eating Steven Yeun?’

2NE1‘s Dara gets to show off her comedy chops in a new web series co-starringSteve Yeun of The Walking Dead.

Playing themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend in What’s Eating Steven Yeun?, the celebrity couple gets torn apart when the actor decides he needs to “make it in [his] parents’ home country.” He leaves Dara in California and flies overseas to meet with Korean actor Park Hyuk Kwon who uses Yeun to create the ultimate star in “mokbang” (a.k.a. “broadcast eating” or “food porn”).

The K-pop and Hollywood collaboration comes via Be Funny Studios and Funny Or Die, who also brought together HyunA and Rita Ora for their “Girl, You Better Walk” skit earlier this year, as well as f(x) and Anna Kendrick in 2013.

News: Slender Sandara Park-Steven Yeun Transform Into Meokbang Couple ~ 600,000 Hits A Day After Upload

Slender Sandara Park-Steven Yeun Transform Into Meokbang Couple ~ 600,000 Hits A Day After Upload


2NE1 member Sandara Park and Korean actor Steven Yeun, from “The Walking Dead,” played the role of lovers in a recent skit. The video has recorded a high number of hits ever since its release and has been a hot topic.

On the 13th, Be Funny Studios ( released the skit entitled, “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?” After being released, it garnered 600,000 views in just one day. In the video, Steven Yeun comes to Korea, seeking to be a star, leaving behind his lover, Sandara Park, in America. The story is composed of three episodal videos with one trailer, covering the highlights.

In the video, Stephen Yeun shows rise and fall of being a “meokbang” star, with the help of his hard-working manager, Park Hyeok Kwon. Steven goes into a difficult training regime with him, in a series of serious, yet humorous scenes.

Revolving around a popular culture trend in Korea nowadays, netizens related to the video and showed a positive reaction.

Netizens who saw the video commented, “It was really fun and it showed Korean outlook on things too,” “Sandara Park and Steven Yeun look good together,” “Steven Yeun does mokbang really well,” “Meokbang humor to fan humor to pop culture humor, it showed a lot,” showing their reactions.


Netizens comments (will edit this when more people comment, probably after a couple of days):

(+12, 0) Sandara Park is really, really pretty… Wah….
(+9, 0) Sandara Park was very feminine here, she looked pretty..
(+9, 0) Glenn, what are you doing.. .ㅋㅋ Recently, his character is losing his charm.. Have to see if he’s going to die this season or if he gets saved ㅋㅋ
(+7, 0) The trend for such an absurd thing is really funny.. I laughed at Park Hyeok Kwon too
(+3, 0) Wahhh!!! Daebakk Dara-unnie!!!
(+1, 0) Jjang!!! Jjang!!! Dara-unnie!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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Photos: Be Funny Studios Share Behind-The-Scenes Pictures with Pretty Dara ~ “Amazing Work with Sandara Park and Steven Yeun”


Ooohh! More behind the scenes pics juseyo! ❤


Throwback behind scenes photo from the set of “What’s Eating Steven?” Happy belated birthday @daraxxi 🙂 check out the full video #BeFUNNY #dara x #stevenyeun #FUNNYORDIE


S/O to director for his amazing work with


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News: 2NE1′s Sandara Is Steven Yeun’s Love Interest in “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?”

2NE1′s Sandara Is Steven Yeun’s Love Interest in “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?”


Here is a collaboration you didn’t know you wanted to see until now: 2NE1‘s Sandara Park and “The Walking Dead‘s” Steven Yeun. The idol and the actor stars in Be Funny Studio‘s debut mini series, “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?

In an alternate universe, Sandara Park is the loyal girlfriend to the ambitious Steven Yeun who wants to break into the Korean industry by becoming a popular Mokbang star. With actor Park Hyuk Kwon as his no-nonsense manager and comedian Park Young Kwang as the clumsy sidekick, Steven Yeun will rise to Mokbang fame, but at what cost? You can watch the trailer and all three episodes of Steven and Sandara’s journey can be found on the Be Funny Studios website.

The videos celebrate the launch of Be Funny Studios, a new digital content platform that was created as a collaboration between major American agency CAA (Creative Artists Agency) and Funny or Die. Previously, Be Funny Studios had Rita Ora and HyunA compete in a walk off and had Anna Kendrick join f(x). The studio will focus on content that’s entertaining on a global scale, inviting entertainers from a variety of fields to create content for viewers on online, mobile, and television platforms.

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Official Video Links: Dara and Steven Yeun’s Fun Collaboration for “Be Funny” Studios Revealed~ “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?” 3 Episodes!



Yay! It’s finally out! Dara’s “Be Funny” skit with “The Walking Dead” star, Steven Yeun, is now officially released! You can watch it on the “Be funny” website, and make sure to click the green “^_^” button on the lower left side of the video to “LIKE” it! Let’s show FOD how much we support and love Dara in their skit! 

There are so so so many funny and totally endearing moments in the three episodes.. Dara did phenomenally well! Her acting was on-point.. ^_^ Especially watch out for her eat a cucumber angrily, video chat with Steven, and do her own mokbang! A go go go! The links to the videos are found below!

What’s Eating Steven Yeun? (Trailer)

What’s Eating Steven Yeun? (Episode 1)

What’s Eating Steven Yeun? (Episode 2)

What’s Eating Steven Yeun? (Episode 3)

Here’s several screencaps from “Be Funny” promoting the skit!

Their website! You can click on the three horizontal lines on the left and go to “New Clips” to see all the links.. ^_^


Visit their Facebook and make sure to leave a great review or comment.. ^_^


They’re also promoting on Twitter as well! ❤ Check them out! ^_^



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Photo: Be Funny Studios Reveals BTS Picture Collage of Dara and Steven Yeun’s Skit

OMGGGGGGGG!!! I am so so so ready for this! Woohoo! ❤ Coming out soon! Such a treat on Dara’s birth month! ❤



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Photos: Screencaps of Lovely, Funny, Lively Dara from “Funny Or Die” Skit with Steven Yeun

OMGGGGGG OMGGGGG OMGGGG! IT’S FINALLY HERE! Screencaps from Dara and Steven Yuen’s “Funny or Die” skit! ❤ The video is set to be out on November 24th, and will be in 2-3 parts.. ^_^ I’m sure Dara did a great job! So excited for this~! ❤

We know there are links floating around in Twitter with the video.. Please don’t spread them around, let us show our full support to Dara when the right time comes and when FOD reveals the skit OFFICIALLY.. It will help with the view count and will let them see how much support and love Dara gets from fans.. ❤








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Photo: Unseen Photo of Pretty Dara with “The Walking Dead” Actor, Steven Yeun

Oooooh! Another photo of Dara with Steven Yeun. I don’t know the other guy with them though. T_T

Steven is a cast of the American series, “The Walking Dead.” If you guys remember, Dara uploaded a photo with him a few months ago. ^_^


Here is the photo Dara uploaded on her Instagram! ^^



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