[enews24 전수미 기자] American Billboard magazine drew attention by spotlighting 2NE1’s second full-length album that has recently been released.

In its article about 2NE1, which was published on the 3 this month (local time), Billboard says, “After spending 2013 experimenting with different images and sounds — from the sunny, reggae pop of “FALLING IN LOVE” to the sparse, piano ballad “MISSING YOU” — 2NE1′s new album “CRUSH” feels like a return to the group’s roots. The 10-track LP comes with hard-hitting, electro-pop/hip-hop tracks that recall some of 2NE1′s past singles while refreshing the formula with new sounds and influences.

Billboard introduces “COME BACK HOME” as “a reggae-trap hybrid” and says, “…mashes the two seemingly disparate genres into a booming final product”. The magazine goes on to say, “…the girls croon about losing a lover, asking him to ‘COME BACK HOME’ until the production flips into a heavy trap beat. At that point, the girls get seductive and demand their love to ‘COME, BABY BABY, COME, BABY BABY’.

While spotlighting 2NE1’s second full-length album that has recently been disclosed, Billboard is mentioning the music video of “COME BACK HOME”, one of the double title tracks of the new album, and “HAPPY”, another song included in the album.

About the music video of “COME BACK HOME”, the magazines explains, “In its computer graphic-heavy visual, 2NE1 live in a futuristic world where one can escape reality for a “virtual paradise” with a special machine”. Plus, it talks about the music video of “HAPPY” at the same time, “The video for album track “Happy” dropped alongside “Home,” revealing a much lighter side of the girls…” and recommends music fans to “watch the cartoon-inspired visual as the girls saunter around Los Angeles in their signature, crazy-patterned getups and hairstyles

Plus, Billboard is attracting all the more attention by giving a rave review to the unique characteristic of the genre to “COME BACK HOME”, “HAPPY”, as well as CL’s solo “MTBD”, saying, they “feel like the type of tracks Rihanna or Nicki Minaj would make if they were a little more open minded to genre fusion”.

Not only Billboard but also America’s FUSE TV is catching eyes with its in-depth study into 2NE1’s music videos. FUSE TV explains about the music video of “COME BACK HOME”, saying, “this sic-fi-themed video is about escaping a futuristic world that looks like a ‘virtual paradise’”. Then, it expresses its high expectations for a sequel of the music video by stating, “the music video ends with a scene in which 2NE1 members lead the uprising of the rebel army. Please tell me that there is a sequel”. Plus, just like Billboard, FUSE TV says, “The point of ‘HAPPY’s music video is the girls’ chic and unique costumes and hairstyle”.

2NE1 has stood under the spotlight since they disclosed the music video of “COME BACK HOME”, the title track of the new album, and “HAPPY”, another track of the album. 2NE1 has also proven their global popularity by making headlines of famous music magazines and websites including American Billboard magazine, FUSE TV, SPIN, POPDUST, and VICE.COM.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 disclosed the performance of the songs in their second full-length album for the first time at Seoul concert of their world tour “ALL OR NOHTING”, which was held on March 1 and 2 at Olympic Park SK Handball Hall located in Seoul. 2NE1 kicks off performances on TV on March 9 in SBS “INKIGAYO”.

Credits: YG Life

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  1. gigi214 said:

    WOW! What a great review! I am so pround of my girls!!!! GO! GO! GO! conquer the world #2NE1 !!!!

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