If you guys haven’t watched a single fancam from “New Evolution” in New Jersey yet and you want super close-up fancams of our girls, then I suggest you watch the fancams below. It doesn’t capture the whole stage but has awesome close-up shots of the girls. We have also uploaded lots and lots and lots of fancams previously, all you have to do is check out our earlier posts and you’ll be in fancam heaven! ^_^ Enjoy!


Clap Your Hands

I Don’t Care (Reggae Version)

Don’t Stop The Music


Bom’s Solo Stage

Try To Follow Me

Please Don’t Go

Pretty Boy

Hip Hop Minzy

It Hurts


In The Club (Dara close-ups and I die because she is so beautiful!)

Stay Together

I Love You

UGLY (Go to 1:36 of the video and tell me you won’t go nuts because of how beautiful Dara is!)

Let’s Go Party


Hate You

Go Away

Can’t Nobody (English Version)

Head Banging 2NE1

I Don’t Care (Encore)

I Am The Best (Encore)

Source: LuvSuJuSHINeeB2ST@YouTube


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