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Fancam: 120827 2NE1 at Incheon International Airport (From Los Angeles)

Look at all the luggage and boxes from the girls! ^_^ Dara can barely be seen behind her huge box! I bet they shopped a lot plus of course the gifts they received from fans!

Credit: v2vx@YouTube

Photo: 120824 2NE1 with Aimee Lee Lucas Backstage at “New Evolution” Los Angeles

Credit: Aimee Lee Lucas Facebook Page

Photos: 120824 2NE1 with and APL at “New Evolution” Los Angeles

Will.I.Am and APL joined 2NE1 for their “IATB” encore stage at “New Evolution” New Jersey!


Project Report: A “New Evolution” in New Jersey and Los Angeles (Confirmation Shot)

Thanks to @MamaWowa, @Che_329, @zee_unnie, @endiglare, Keena and @ohmygoddessDARA, we are happy to report that our project in New Jersey and Los Angeles was a success! Thank you so much girls for all your help! Here are a few pictures to show our project for Dara in “New Evolution” New Jersey and Los Angeles. This project would not have been possible were it not for the Daralings earlier mentioned.


Dara just tweeted this photo of the Guitar Strap! ^_^


Banners and flowers were prepared to welcome ALL girls to New York! ^_^

Click the link below for a more!


Photos: 120824 Solo Photos of Dara and 2NE1 at “New Evolution” Los Angeles – Part 2 (HQ)


Fancams: 120824 Dara – Kiss at “New Evolution” Los Angeles

OMGGGGG!!! Ok seriously! I have seen this performed live and I have seen this in fancams over and over again and I still get goosebumps and tingles whenever I watch Kiss! ^_^ Come on join me and spazz! Watch the video! What a lucky fanboy!

But before anything else, here’s an imprint of Dara’s KISS on the lucky fanboy’s cheek!!!


Fancams: 120824 2NE1 at “New Evolution” Los Angeles

Encore with and APL – Check out rapping to “I Am The Best”


Fancams: 120824 2NE1 Sound Check Party at “New Evolution” Los Angeles

Source: KpopFansHawaii@YouTube

Twitter/Photo: 120824 2NE1 with Jeremy Scott Backstage at “New Evolution” Los Angeles

Awwww! 2NE1 with their Mama Bear! ^_^


Photos: 120824 Fantaken Photos of 2NE1 at “New Evolution” Los Angeles (Part 1)

The concert looks like a blast! And I am so proud that the girls had this LA concert sold out!

More pics after the cut!