Encore with will.i.am and APL – Check out will.i.am rapping to “I Am The Best”

Opening Video


I Am The Best (Opening)

I Don’t Care

Clap Your Hands

Try To Follow Me

In The Club

I Love You

Let’s Go Party




Don’t Stop The Music

Hate You

Go Away

Can’t Nobody

“I Don’t Care” (Encore)


Source: HowardC11@YouTube; ogeeku@YouTube; ElJaJbCeFAb4@YouTube; Tokio19Hotel@YouTube; queball2584@YouTube; lovehounds@YouTube; sunday4rose@YouTube; mrsjoonmin@YouTube; Alexinator3000@YouTube

Comments on: "Fancams: 120824 2NE1 at “New Evolution” Los Angeles" (5)

  1. I was at their NJ Concert and everybody had a Grand Time!! But,true, they had to iron some kinks and looks like they did for LA!! So proud that 2ne1 keeps on leveling up!

  2. tangerine_24 said:

    awww…Daddy Will hugging his daughter 🙂

  3. Many reviews are saying their LA concert is much better than the one in NJ

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