Update #1:

글로벌 투어의 첫시작이었던 뉴져지 공연이 끝난지 벌써 일주일이나 지나고 오늘은! LA 공연입니다! 나에겐 처음 가보는 낯설었던 뉴져지였지만 7천여명의 관객분들 덕분에 넘 즐거웠던 기억^_^ 다음에 또 가고싶어요!+.+ 자! 그럼 이제! LA!!! 준비돼에쏘?!?

“It’s already been a week since the beginning of the Global Tour in New Jersey! Today is the LA concert! It was my first time being in New Jersey but I had so much fun with the 7,000 fans that attended. I want to go back again soon! And now, are you ready for LA!!!???”

Update #2:

LA 에는~ 인맥이 쫌 있어서^_^v 오늘 반가운 손님들이 많이 찾아올거에요!+.+ 빨리 보고싶당!^.^오랜만에 보는분들도있고~방가방가~!공연도 즐겁게 보고 우리도 보고! 이제 공연 한시간전~!아유뤠디~!!?암 뤠디! 레츠고~퉤니원!아!오늘 공연 매진입니다!^.^땡큐!

In LA~ We have some contacts ^-^v Today many honored and welcome guests will be coming to see us! +.+ I want to see them soon! ^.^ It’s been a while since some of them~ so happy so happy~! They’re coming to see us and the show! It’s one hour till show time~! Are you ready~!!? I’m ready! Let’s go~ 2NE1! AH! Today’s venue is sold out! ^.^ Thank you!

Source: Dara’s me2day

Translated by: KpopStarz; ygdragonheart@DGH

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  1. no trans for the second pic?

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