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Twitter: Aimee Lee Lucas Shows Off Her Yummy Jollibee to a Hungry Dara

Dara, you should really open a Jollibee in Seoul with Ben Baller so you won’t miss it all the time! Just think about it, you can have it each and every single day…. FOR FREE! Kekeke

Dara Twitter 2

Twitter: Aimee Goes on a “Dara Tour” in the Philippines ~ “From Jollibee to Greenhills~!”

Oh how nice! I want to go on a Dara tour too! <333 Enjoy your stay in the Philippines, Aimee! ❤



Source: @krungy21 @aimeeleelucas

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter+Photos: Dara Ends Up at Fell + Cole While on an Ice Cream Search with Marshall Bang, Aimee Lucas, and Riley Tollett

Dara went out with friends! Lately, she’s been going out with Marshall Bang, a Star Audition 3 contestant, and now, they’re joined by Aimee Lucas, a dancer/choreographer who worked a lot with YG Family previously. Riley Tollett is a Kpop enthusiast! ^_^


“Lunch date with DARA! Filipino food & Ice Cream. Thank you @krungy21


“Ice cream with these darlingssss ^^@taebaragi @aimeeleelucas #sandara”


“My mission to eat all the ice cream in korea is going swimmingly@aimeeleelucas @marshallbang@krungy21





Sources: Aimee Lucas, Marshall Bang, and Riley Tollett‘s Instagrams + @MarshallBang and @aimeeleelucas Twitter

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Twitter: Aimee Lee Lucas (@aimeeleelucas) – “hoooooy!!! Welcome to twitter…”

This is so cute! ^_^ “Hoooooy” is a popular Filipino greeting which shows Dara and Aimee are very comfortable with each other. 

Source: @aimeeleelucas and @krungy21

Photo: 120824 2NE1 with Aimee Lee Lucas Backstage at “New Evolution” Los Angeles

Credit: Aimee Lee Lucas Facebook Page