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Facebook: Fell+Cole Updates with a Cute HD Picture of Dara and Friends at the Ice Cream Shop!

Sooo pretty! You can tell that the staff were so excited to see them there in the store, I find his/her spazzing really cute! Kekeke! Dara is super pretty in her very comfy black-and-white ensemble. ^_^



FELL+COLE: Kkyaackkk~~~~~~~! So pretty! “The Best” 2NE1 came for a visit. They came while in search for the most delicious ice cream in Korea. It’s an honor. I screamed like a girl!!!!! One and only 2NE1 came to F+C!!!! 


Source: Fell+Cole Facebook

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter+Photos: Dara Ends Up at Fell + Cole While on an Ice Cream Search with Marshall Bang, Aimee Lucas, and Riley Tollett

Dara went out with friends! Lately, she’s been going out with Marshall Bang, a Star Audition 3 contestant, and now, they’re joined by Aimee Lucas, a dancer/choreographer who worked a lot with YG Family previously. Riley Tollett is a Kpop enthusiast! ^_^


“Lunch date with DARA! Filipino food & Ice Cream. Thank you @krungy21


“Ice cream with these darlingssss ^^@taebaragi @aimeeleelucas #sandara”


“My mission to eat all the ice cream in korea is going swimmingly@aimeeleelucas @marshallbang@krungy21





Sources: Aimee Lucas, Marshall Bang, and Riley Tollett‘s Instagrams + @MarshallBang and @aimeeleelucas Twitter

Re-uploaded by: OhDara