DARA OMG YOU GORGEOUS GODDESS YOU! Where did you learn to flirt like this, UNF JUST UNF! OMG~! She just sat on the fanboy’s lap! And then held his neck and shifted his cap to the side, and THEN leaned her forehead on his temple, and THEN kissed him! WHY AM I NOT A FANBOY? T_T 

Come and die with me and don’t forget to leave your spazz comments on the post itself! 

Warning! The video is even hotter than the measly caps my over-spazzed mind came up with.. 



Source: @Frolicker_21 of Oh My Goddess

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "OMG Fancam: Hot, Hot, Hot Like Fayaahhh KISS Fancam from “New Evolution” Osaka, Japan (D-3)" (26)

  1. wahahaha..he’s not gay..i can feel it…haha…his reaction is so LOL…if dara did this on the 2nd day of their concert in seoul, damn, it would be so much fun..with that cute foreigner fan and the yg boys watching…hahahaha

  2. well, of course Dara is an actress and have trained, so she will know how to do this stuff.

  3. Dragonfly87 said:

    (coughs) this is way better then her previous kisses. I can just imagine if she did this to the white she kissed in Seoul (Day 2). That would have been more spazzy. @___@

    If I were the guy, I would have at least bumped foreheads with her!!! I mean, come on, look at all that gorgeousness served to you on a silver platter—-or, rather, ON YOUR LAP!!!!

  4. The guy is neeee!!!! He is lucky dara sit on his lap. And for dara girl ur the besto_Oo_O

  5. I wonder who taught Dara to be like this..Its not in the bad way but for a shy girl like Dara seeing her doing this flirty thing, I think there’s someone behind this sudden change.
    I guess Dara practice this with her BABY BOY.

  6. lol! I must say I am totally envious and jealous…and I think he’s not gay…just look at him..he’s like “I’m savoring this moment..my once in a life time chance…”

  7. tikilovesapples said:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh….Dara ya >_<

  8. it seems like her recent picture with a heart shape graphcs in the part of her shaved head was a hint of this new hairstyle of her…

  9. LOL at people accusing him for being gay you don’t even know that.. if he didn’t want a kiss from Dara he wouldn’t have raised his hand to pick him lmao… and what? gay people can’t want to be kissed by goddess Dee? people these days likes to judge others without giving other thought… Oh and not forgetting Dara, she’s learning the ways of seduction by each performance =^__^=

  10. …and that is the quickest way to gain more Japanese fanboys! lol go Dara!

  11. lmao he is so not gay. gays dont look that hot…. and Dara is learning. lol

  12. omg this guy or whatever he is lolXD he’s Just so LUCKY!!! arrgghh dara TT^TT

  13. Comments in here are saying he’s gay…I don’t think so. Jealous fanboys/girls can only wish. lol

  14. fromafanboy said:

    Maybe Dara got challenged and thought “I can turn you into a straight guy” lol

  15. fromafanboy said:

    Awkward haha. You can tell from his eyes that he is gay. Wasted Dara kiss. She should have chosen me. but I am in another country. Yay.

  16. I hope the guy is gay lol 🙂 Look at Dara she’s in a sexy mood!

  17. OMG DARA sitting on the guy’s lap.. WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. woah! at first glance i thought the guy was kang gary from running man!
    anyway, whatever happened to our innocent dee??!! i wonder if she was really thinking of someone at that time!

  19. i think she was this naught coz the guy’s gay!!!!! look at him raise his eyebrows gayishly! he doesnt seem t0o happy either XS

  20. yaaahhhh…Sandara Park…u u u u u u u u teaseeee….

  21. This is only xmple to her future bf or husband….yay!!!!! i just wanna kiss…………..hhhhhhhhhhhhhh. LOL

  22. DarainaLove said:

    He is Lucky

  23. I can’t stop thinking of my ship. haha Where did she learn this?

  24. hahaha I like this it’s like imagining someone she LOVE?

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