I already uploaded some Kiss fancams in the other posts but I figured I’d make a special one and continue to upload new fancams here! ^_^ If you need more Kiss fancams, check out previous posts!

This deserves a special mention because you can see Dara kissing the lucky fanboy here! Kekeke! The fanboy is so cute jumping up and down! Kekeke

The fancam below is truly a must-see especially for the fanboy screaming in the background! I swear! I love it so much!

Sandara! Sandara! Noo! Nooo! Sandara!!!!! Oh my god! Noo! Sandara! Come here!!! Noooo! What? Did she pick? Where?

This is what the fanboy, @Zeushero, wrote in the description box:

SANDARA! She wanted to pick me but she couldnt find me! She was trying to find me and I kept yelling out to her so she could pick me. Sandara my love!

I’m sorry Sandara! I couldnt be in VIP so you could choose me! 😦 
Come back again and I’ll be sure to be there so you can choose me

Source: LuvSuJuSHINeeB2ST@YouTube, Zeushero@YouTube, foreverTAEMIN9192@YouTube

Comments on: "Fancams: 120817 Dara Performs “Kiss” at “New Evolution”, New Jersey" (9)

  1. how i wish dara will gonna kiss me too<3

  2. Omo!!! fanboy alert!!!!!kekeke….Keep Calm and Love Dee<33333 Sweetie Dee ftw<33333

  3. psstXXhello said:

    i thought the guy was gonna pass out…xD… but still… T_T… he was able to watch the concert… lucky!! why does their concert have to be just when university starts! T_T… i bet if its in mid summer vacation, like july, therell be more people in there…

  4. i think, that YG is not too happy with this particular show. to begin with, i heard the show started quite late b/c of some technical probs. i dont think the “not taking off the jacket” was intentional, she prolly forgot ‘coz of nervous tension. but the fanboy not coming onstage is obviously a booboo of the production people. thank goodness, dara is a real pro, she had the presence of mind to improvise. i have this nagging feeling that new evo tour is not as prepared as alive tour to begin with. it was hastily announced so i can only specualte that there isnt enough time for preps and to polish the show. YG, the US market is not the place to dry run your product ‘coz competition is pretty stiff in that part of the world. you better make adjustments in the cali show, otherwise YG Ent’s reputation will be in tatters. on a side note, what’s reeeally good about the NJ show was that YG had no control over fancams… hehe… i luv it!!!

  5. angelindisguise said:

    amazing!dara very beautiful!how many fans attended the concert?

  6. these two vids showed 2 fanboys with two different fate, the lucky and the desperate one.lmao and both are sooo cute with their reactions considering Dara didn’t even remove her jacket,kyaahh! Dara, you’re charm is simply unbelievable ❤

  7. lol.. the fanboys reactions were epic..hehe

  8. aww, look at Dara’s shy smile after kissing the fanboy as she went back on stage, so cute^__^ the lucky fanboy was so happy, including the fans around him and the security.lol

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