You guys might be wondering why we decided to make a special post for @Zeushero’s fancams… Other than the fact that his fancams are amazing, his fanboying is just so funny, cute and adorable! I swear! It is worth your time watching these fancams not just for the girls but for his side comments over Dara as well! I think he started with “Don’t Stop The Music” onwards. ❤ Enjoy!

I personally think his comments in Pretty Boy, In The Club and Kiss are really funny!



“Clap Your Hands”

“I Don’t Care” (Reggae)

“Don’t Stop The Music”

“Try To Follow Me”

“Pretty Boy”

“It Hurts”


“In The Club”

“Stay Together”

“I Love You”


“Let’s Go Party”


“Hate You”

“Go Away”

“Can’t Nobody”

“I Don’t Care” (Original)

“I Am The Best”

Credit: @Zeushero

Comments on: "Special Post: A Fanboy’s Fancams from “New Evolution” in New Jersey" (6)

  1. aigooo lol….thanks for sharing these fancam!!! 🙂

  2. watch carefully @ 2:55 Pretty boy: is it only me who saw the guy inside the balloon who gave Flying Kiss to our Goddess D??? =)

  3. I really enjoyed all these fancams but these are just all the more special with his cute fanboying over Goddess D! LOL!
    He is so funny and you can feel when he gets really jealous over the male dancers! LOL!
    thanks for sharing! ^^

  4. Hahahaha! You posted his fancams! LMAO! I was laughing so hard with his comments! LOL. He kinda sound perverted ya know! LOL

  5. my favorite fancams!! haha. i love how hw love Sandara! kept on screaming her name. haha.. epic comment from him was from Pretty Boy.. “get off” he said to the dancer behind dara. haha

  6. Haha… Love these fancams! He had a great view, plus the reactions about Dara made it. 🙂

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