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Video: News Coverage for TT Alive 2013 in Malaysia

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News: 2NE1, U-KISS to Excite Malaysia F1

Malaysian Blackjacks, are you ready for 2NE1? ^_^

2NE1, U-KISS to Excite Malaysia F1


K-pop bands 2NE1 and U-KISS are to heat up the stage of the Formula 1 race in Malaysia this weekend.

The two K-pop groups have been invited to the concert, held to celebrate the 2013 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix, which will take place in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on March 22.

Following Wonder Girls in 2011 and Girls Generation in 2012, 2NE1 and U-KISS are the third Korean artists to join the event, along with U.S. pop stars Demi Lovato and Backstreet Boys.

“We are deeply moved to be at this concert, even though we shared several stages with overseas pop stars before,” members of boy band U-Kiss said, “we practiced the dance moves of Backstreet Boys’ ‘ As Long As You Love Me’ before we made our debut. It feels great to be on the same stage with the musicians we look up to.”

Formed of SooHyun, Eli, DongHo, Kevin, KiSeop, Hoon and AJ, U-KISS made their debut with the first single “New Generation” in 2008. They recently made their comeback to the local music scene with the third full-length album “COLLAGE,” which includes the sophisticated title song “Standing Still.”

Being one of the leading artists in the mainstream K-pop and fashion, 2NE1 has produced smashing hits since their debut in 2009, including “Fire,” “Lonely,” “Ugly,” “I Am The Best” and most recently, “I Love You.”

The iconic girl band reportedly participated in the American hip-hop artist’s forthcoming second solo album, with details about the collaboration so far undisclosed.

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Videos: [082510] 2NE1 featured in Pops in Seoul + [082410] 2NE1 @ Entertainment News

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Video: U-Kiss’ Kevin wants to date Dara ^.^

U-Kiss had been to Singapore just recently and in an interview, they were asked the ultimate question (lolololol): “If there was just one Korean female celebrity that you could date, who would it be and why?”

And Dara’s oh so loyal and oh so consistent fanboy, U-Kiss’ Kevin, didn’t fail us (and Dara 😉 ). He once again answers Dara as his style of girl at around the 2:21 mark.

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