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Video: 140803 News Coverage Of 2NE1’s “Samsung Galaxy Stage” Concert In Myanmar

Credits: Eleven Myanmar

Video: NoCutV’s News Video Coverage of PSY’s Happening Concert

2NE1’s part starts at 3:50! You could see Lee Hi and GD’s part on the vid too~ And of course,  Psy as well! ^_^ The crows was really amazing!

Credits: nocutV

Video: 130413 SSTV News Coverage of PSY’s ‘Happening’ Concert

Woooo! Congratulations to PSY for a really fun and successful concert! And also to Lee Hayi, 2NE1 and GD for the awesome performances! Weeeee YG FAM = BEST ♥

Credits: SSTVnews

Video: News Coverage for TT Alive 2013 in Malaysia

Credits: lynlim511

Video: 121214 Artsnews’ Video Coverage of 2NE1 at MMA’s Red Carpet

Credits: uthinkwhoiam