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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “Happy happy birthday to our bday girl Hayi!”

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to YG Family’s Lee Hayi! ❤

Dara Tweet 2

Happy Bday~~ Hayi-ya~~~!!! ^.^ Happy happy birthday to our bday girl Hayi!!!


Source: @krungy21

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News: YG Family Japan Concert Kicks Off in Success with Collaboration Works



[OSEN=권지영 기자] The Japan Tour of 2014 YG FAMILY Concert kicked off in great success.

On April 12, the 2014 YG FAMILY CONCERT held in Japan’s Osaka Kyocera Dome ended in huge success, joined by 50,000 fans. The concert showcased YG artists including BIGBANG, 2NE1, EPIK HIGH, LEEHI, WINNER and WIN’s TEAM B.

2NE1 opened the concert with their dynamic “CRUSH.” It was followed by their debut song “FIRE” and then the title song of the 2nd full album “COME BACK HOME,” and moved on to sing “GOTTA BE YOU.”

The baton was then handed to the newbie group WINNER. They performed the Japanese version of “GO UP” and their own version of 2NE1’s “MISSING YOU,” firing up the fans.

EPIK HIGH, who was next on stage, left a powerful impression on the local fans by singing “FLY,” “LOVE LOVE LOVE,” and “DON’T HATE ME.”

When BIGBANG appeared on stage, the concert hall was filled with gold color. The members who were joined by 770,000 fans at their Japan’s 6 largest Dome Tour from last year to early this year, looked experienced in communicating with the local fans. They showcased their hit songs like “HARU HARU,” “BLUE,” and “FANTASTIC BABY.”

Performing in Japan for the first time, LEEHI caught the attention of the fans by “ROSE” and “1,2,3,4”.

But the highlight of the concert was the collaboration performances of YG artists. Each work was unique, more than enough to leave the audience in awe.

WINNER and WIN’s TEAM B performed “JUST ANOTHER BOY” together, which was the final mission of the survival program WHO IS NEXT: WIN. G-DRAGON and CL performed “THE BADDEST MALE” and “MTBD” while BIGBANG’s T.O.P, WINNER’s SONG MIN HO and 2NE1’s DARA fired up the stage with a collaborated “DOOM DADA.”

The concert that showcased 40 songs in total gave a dynamic finale with YG’s biggest hit songs including PSY’s “GANGNAM STYLE,” 2NE1’s “GO AWAY” and BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY.”

The “2014 YG FAMILY CONCERT” will be held again on April 13 at Osaka Kyocera Dome, and will be followed by Tokyo Dome on May 3 and 4. It will expand to Korea, China and other Asian regions, and the concert venues will be announced soon.


Source: YG LIFE


Photos: 140412 Press Photos of 2NE1 and YG Family at YG Family Concert in Osaka

Fierce YG FAMILY! And of course, here are our queens descending from their thrones from up high and riding their badass dancer-motorcycles.. ❤



Dara with Epik High is truly epicccc! ❤




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Twitter: Supportive Dara (@krungy21) Went To Watch BIGBANG’s Concert With Hayi ~ “Do You Even Need Any Comment?!? It’s BIGBANG!!! Jjang!!!”

dara at bbcon

Watched BIGBANG con w/ Hayi!!! Awesome awesome awesome~! Exciting Exciting Exciting~! Fun Fun Fun~! This time also.. do you even need any comment?!? It’s BIGBANG!!! It’s just the best~ jjang!!! >.<

dara and hayi


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Info: YG Building Interior Designs to be Featured on FashionN’s “Suite Room” – Dara and Lee Hi Caught Exercising at the Gym!

Oh wow, YG building is going to be featured once again! ^_^ And ack, take a look at this picture! If Lee Hi weren’t exercising next to them, I would think that this picture of Dara was taken in 2009, during debut time with her hairstyle and never-aging face! Right, right? ^_^


YG Entertainment building’s interior and wall decorations would be featured in FashionN’s “Suite Room” season 5 episode, to be broadcasted on May 25th, at midnight! The show will focus on YG Building’s special rooms and interiors, and during the shooting for the broadcast, they ran into Dara and Lee Hi (I think Mingkki is the one next to Dara though I am not entirely sure because they only mentioned Dara and Lee Hi in the article) while exercising in the gym. They took note of the different pictures, polaroids that adorned the gym. 

Watch out for the show! We will be posting the video once it is made available. ^_^


Source: Star Daily News

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Photo: Dara, Lee Hi and Lydia Paek at Pink Moon Bar

Spot Dara with a green beanie at the right side of the photo! ^^ Lee Hi is just in front of her. Dara, Lydia, Lee Hi, and Marshall Bang went to watch Sunwoo Jungah tonight at Pink Moon Bar. ^^


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Video: NoCutV’s News Video Coverage of PSY’s Happening Concert

2NE1’s part starts at 3:50! You could see Lee Hi and GD’s part on the vid too~ And of course,  Psy as well! ^_^ The crows was really amazing!

Credits: nocutV

Photo: Bom Uploads Photo with Dara, Minzy and Lee Hayi

Weeeee~ ^^ The girls went out to eat after K-POP Concert~ I wonder where CL  is though. ^^ Anyway, they look so cute!!! Dara looks so adorable with that lettuce in her mouth. Keke~ OTL Dara so cute! T_T


With a newest star these days!With Lee Hi!☆*: o(≧▽≦)o .。☆ After KPOP Star~We went to eat meat 

Source: @haroobomkum

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Info/Cap: 2NE1 Wins a Digital Bonsang at the 27th Golden Disk Awards

Weeee! Our girls won a Digital Bonsang Award at this year’s GDA! 2NE1 didn’t attend the ceremony, so Lee Hayi accepted the award in behalf of them. YG Family! ❤

Golden Disk Award is like the Korean version of Grammy Awards. Congratulations 2NE1! ^_^


Congratulations also to Big Bang for winning the ‘MSN International Award’, and to GD who won the ‘Ceci Award’. Congratulations also to Lee Hayi for the ‘New Rising K-Pop Star Award’ and Epik High for the ‘Best Hip Hop Artist Award’! Big Bang, GD and PSY also won a ‘Digital Bonsang Award’ each! YG Family FTW! ❤

Check out cute Lee Hayi accepting the award after the cut! ^^


News: 2NE1 Adores Lee Hayi, the Youngest YG Artist in 5 Years

Who wouldn’t adore Lee Hayi? She’s just too cute and very talented too! ^^ I remember watching her train in front of YG, CL, Bom, Dae, and YB during KPOPSTAR. And now, she’s a part of the YG Family. Woooot! Go Hayi! <333

2NE1 Adores Lee Hayi, the Youngest YG Artist in 5 Years


Recently, the popular girl group 2NE1 is busy treasuring Lee Hayi. They’re not only helping her out with their know-hows about singing and dancing lessons, but they’re also teaching her their hard-earned first hand experiences in staying fit and dieting as her seniors. Why? Because Lee Hayi is the one who replaced 2NE1’s 5-year-long position in their agency as the youngest artists.

According to an insider, 2NE1 and Lee Hayi became as close as sisters during the process of switching their hit songs and performing them at the end-of-the-year MBC ‘Gayo Daejaejun’. Through last year’s ‘Gayo Daejaejun’, 2NE1 performed Lee Hayi’s debut song ‘1,2,3,4’ and Lee Hayi performed 2NE1’s mega hit ‘I Love You’ and then sang all together, showcasing the quintessence of collaboration stages.

YG Entertainment stated that 2NE1 grew to adore Lee Hayi during their Gayo Daejaejun practice, as they began to see Lee Hayi’s genuine and humble attitude, as well as her determination in maintaining her direction in music.

2NE1 hasn’t had much interaction with other celebrities because they seldom appeared in TV variety shows or other activities outside their group so far. The insider says, “It’s no surprise that 2NE1 loves the only junior artist and adorable girl that Lee Hayi is, considering the fact that even under the YG Family BIGBANG has been a senior and male group and Gummy is an even higher-up senior to 2NE1, which made it difficult for them to approach them easily.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hayi the rookie who swept the music industry with her debut during the last half of 2012 has a new album release ahead, and 2NE1 is also about to have a comeback during the first half of this year.

Source: Osen
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