Weeee! Our girls won a Digital Bonsang Award at this year’s GDA! 2NE1 didn’t attend the ceremony, so Lee Hayi accepted the award in behalf of them. YG Family! ❤

Golden Disk Award is like the Korean version of Grammy Awards. Congratulations 2NE1! ^_^


Congratulations also to Big Bang for winning the ‘MSN International Award’, and to GD who won the ‘Ceci Award’. Congratulations also to Lee Hayi for the ‘New Rising K-Pop Star Award’ and Epik High for the ‘Best Hip Hop Artist Award’! Big Bang, GD and PSY also won a ‘Digital Bonsang Award’ each! YG Family FTW! ❤

Check out cute Lee Hayi accepting the award after the cut! ^^


Credits: @2013GDA + KAvenyou + @KpopStarzLive + @jiebrick

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Info/Cap: 2NE1 Wins a Digital Bonsang at the 27th Golden Disk Awards" (12)

  1. Miyoko Nakamura said:

    Finally They won an Award even though it’s not a BIg 3 award,They finally won in Golden Disk after man years of nomination. I though GDA have this No show no award policy? did they change the policy to No show but still have an award policy?

    • Miyoko Nakamura said:

      Honestly for me they can’t changed the big huge fact that many people nowadays loves PSY MUSIC from Gangnam Style to Gentleman and etc. songs with Lee Hi’s great peformances. people chooses they because they like them not because they pitty them. I Love YG entertainment because they are true to themselves on cam and out cam…but i didn’t say i don’t like other entertainment. i just like YG. their music/their styles and there fashion on loving music….

  2. love yg family………..2ne1 comeback soon….

  3. GD and Psy just won Digital bonsang too :”>

    • oh that’s great, I thought PSY didn’t got any award
      and that would be unbelievable…if that have happened

  4. congratz to yg fam!!! and Hayi so cute while getting her trophy…^_^

  5. so digital bonsang is like top10 artist? like in melon? Does it have an order?

  6. i’m so happy for the girls! i’m so excited for their comeback! YG please make it SOON! kekeke missing them so much!

  7. This is little surprising because you know why, it’s GDA, like yeah… **cough
    but, BAM! 2NE1 won! nolza!

    • what do you mean by GDA, and a little surprising about what? is there any issues in the past…just curious..i’m still new about this..

      • it’s bcoz they don’t let YG Family win, the last time a YG artist won were BB like 4 or 5 yrs ago, and bcoz yeah Lies was so great so they should win.
        YG boycotted this award bcoz it got so fishy/rusted all negativity, it looses their credibility. Bcoz some says GDA is so SM bias, like so bias, like why PSY didn’t won any award in this GDA thingy?? even popularity award didn’t goes to PSY.
        And, they have this no show no award policy, and yeah its surprising coz they let 2ne1 have the award they should have, like for the past years, they should have given it to them too.

        • I never knew that there is such a Golden Disk Award until you explain it..kekeke..as per youtube, i can really see that it is SM bias..that’s why i never heard of this..kekeke. it is very obvious that 2012 is the year of YG artists, they could not just ignore that especially PSY!

          If Golden Disk Award wants to be noticed internationally they should not be bias..look at Melon and MAMA..hahaha..besides if they want an AWSOME performance they should let YG artists perform! ^^

          Well if they let YG artists perform next year i will definitely look forward to it! ^^

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