Oh wow, YG building is going to be featured once again! ^_^ And ack, take a look at this picture! If Lee Hi weren’t exercising next to them, I would think that this picture of Dara was taken in 2009, during debut time with her hairstyle and never-aging face! Right, right? ^_^


YG Entertainment building’s interior and wall decorations would be featured in FashionN’s “Suite Room” season 5 episode, to be broadcasted on May 25th, at midnight! The show will focus on YG Building’s special rooms and interiors, and during the shooting for the broadcast, they ran into Dara and Lee Hi (I think Mingkki is the one next to Dara though I am not entirely sure because they only mentioned Dara and Lee Hi in the article) while exercising in the gym. They took note of the different pictures, polaroids that adorned the gym. 

Watch out for the show! We will be posting the video once it is made available. ^_^


Source: Star Daily News

Translated by: OhDara

Comments on: "Info: YG Building Interior Designs to be Featured on FashionN’s “Suite Room” – Dara and Lee Hi Caught Exercising at the Gym!" (2)

  1. I can’t wait to see the video of this article..and i hope it has English subs..kekeke

  2. wohooo..can’t wait to see the video ^_^..Dara on that pic remains me of 2NE1TV season 1 kekeke..she still look the same, never aging..gaaah the power of Vampire Goddess!

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