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Instagram/Weibo: Cherry blossoms came~ 🌸

Dara and cherry blossoms! ❤


Real cherry blossoms… infront of elevator ㅋㅋㅋ Had to go to company for work~ Should be freshing~


Cherry blossoms came~


“Our company’s cherry blossom is blooming~ come to our company enjoy it~^.^”


Photos: 140729 Fantaken Photos Of Dara Bicyling With Hwangssabu Near YG Building

Here are fantaken photos of Dara bicycling with Hwangssabu and Marshall Bang! Fans saw them leaving YG building that day~ ❤ How cute is Dara’s pink bicycle?! ^_^





More photos below! ❤


Photos: 140728 Fantaken Photos Of Dara Spotted In YG Building

Finally! A recent sighting of Dara. T_T I miss her so much. T_T




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Photo: 140620 2NE1 During the Special Meet-and-Greet Event at YG Entertainment Building for Blackjacks

I think this is a photo sent to the Blackjacks who were able to attend the event! 




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Photo+News: Fans Get a Surprise Meeting with 2NE1

Fans Get a Surprise Meeting with 2NE1


2NE1 had a surprise meeting with fans at YG Entertainment’s building.

On June 20, 2NE1 enjoyed spending time with lucky fans who were selected through a special event at the YG Entertainment building in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul.

In celebration of their second full-length album ‘CRUSH’, 2NE1 held an event to invite fans to the famous YG cafeteria.

Fans who were selected were able to visit several places of the building and had a special time having a meal in the cafeteria. During their building tour, 2NE1 made a surprise appearance and took photos with them.

Credits: Asia Today via Nate + TOP Star for HD Photo

Photos: 140620 Dara Spotted at YG Building

Seeing her clothes, Dara probably came to YG to exercise. Such a disciplined girl! ❤




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Info: YG Building Interior Designs to be Featured on FashionN’s “Suite Room” – Dara and Lee Hi Caught Exercising at the Gym!

Oh wow, YG building is going to be featured once again! ^_^ And ack, take a look at this picture! If Lee Hi weren’t exercising next to them, I would think that this picture of Dara was taken in 2009, during debut time with her hairstyle and never-aging face! Right, right? ^_^


YG Entertainment building’s interior and wall decorations would be featured in FashionN’s “Suite Room” season 5 episode, to be broadcasted on May 25th, at midnight! The show will focus on YG Building’s special rooms and interiors, and during the shooting for the broadcast, they ran into Dara and Lee Hi (I think Mingkki is the one next to Dara though I am not entirely sure because they only mentioned Dara and Lee Hi in the article) while exercising in the gym. They took note of the different pictures, polaroids that adorned the gym. 

Watch out for the show! We will be posting the video once it is made available. ^_^


Source: Star Daily News

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Photo: 130117 Fan-Taken Photo of Dara Spotted at a Restaurant

Oooh! A Japanese fan spotted Dara at a restaurant near the YG building today. ^^ I hope she’s at YG to record something with the girls. I miss them terribly! T_T


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Photo: 120813 Dara Entering YG Building

Earlier today, Dara went to YG Building and a lucky fan was able to snap a photo of her! 

Credit: 章鱼小珠@weibo