Oooh! A Japanese fan spotted Dara at a restaurant near the YG building today. ^^ I hope she’s at YG to record something with the girls. I miss them terribly! T_T


Credit: As Tagged

Re-Uploaded ny: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: 130117 Fan-Taken Photo of Dara Spotted at a Restaurant" (6)

  1. goddessDARA said:

    aaaahhhh i miss the girls!!! dara!!! T___T

  2. sad to say dara is in yg building not because they are recording new album because cl is in london right now with GD and yanggaeng so its impossible to record new song… i miss 2ne1…T_T

    • may i ask who is Yanggaeng? ^^

      • kimchininja said:

        GD’s longtime friend and one of the original 2NE1 stylists. He had to quit when he fulfilled his military enlistment, but he’s finished with that and he’s back now. You can see him in GD’s Crayon MV. One of those people who sit on the sofa… Google Yang Geng 2NE1 so you can see his face and look for him in the MV.

  3. I want to know as to whom Dara ate with. ^.^

  4. i wonder who is she with base on the shoes *_*

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