Photos: 130414 More Press Pictures of 2NE1 in Psy’s “Happening” Concert

Flawless 2NE1 is flawless. ^^





Fancam: 130414 2NE1’s Performance at PSY’s ‘Happening’ Concert

Weee! A closer look at the girls performing at PSY’s concert! ^^

Credits: 21NOKIO

Video: NoCutV’s News Video Coverage of PSY’s Happening Concert

2NE1’s part starts at 3:50! You could see Lee Hi and GD’s part on the vid too~ And of course,  Psy as well! ^_^ The crows was really amazing!

Credits: nocutV

Video: 130413 SSTV News Coverage of PSY’s ‘Happening’ Concert

Woooo! Congratulations to PSY for a really fun and successful concert! And also to Lee Hayi, 2NE1 and GD for the awesome performances! Weeeee YG FAM = BEST ♥

Credits: SSTVnews

Press Photos: 130413 Smexy, Gorgeous Dara at PSY’s ‘Happening’ Concert

OMG!!! We finally now have HD photos of Goddess Dara in that oh-so-smexy dress!!! I think I went to Dara heaven for about 10 minutes after seeing the photos! DARA IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! She looks gorgeous in all angles!!! I see shoulders, collar bones, arms, legs….. So flawless!!! She is just so smexy in that short dress!!! I can’t even express my feels well right now. T__T I am speechless. TOTALLY A GODDESS, SANDARA PARK!!!! <333333333

I’m so sorry for all the exclamation points. I just…. Gaaaah! Dara-ah saranghae!!! T__T I think her dress is shorter now compared to when she first wore it at GD’s concert? I am not complaining one bit. Nope! And look at her~ She is LITERALLY G L O W I N G! ♥_♥ 





Press Photos: 130413 Fierce 2NE1 at PSY’s ‘Happening’ Concert

I don’t really care about the repeat of clothes because they all look so gorgeous and fierce! I love love love how confident they are which adds more to their sexiness and gorgeousness on stage. Gaaah!  I can’t express my feels right now. I love 2NE1!!!! <3333333




More photos of our gorgeous girls below! ❤


HD Videos: 130413 2NE1’s Performances at PSY’s ‘Happening’ Concert

OMG! No one actually knew that 2NE1 was gonna perform at PSY’s concert today and they were totally awesome!!! The energy they gave off while performing was really amazing! I’ve watched their performances over and over again but it still gives me chills every time I do! The crowd at the concert were awesome as well! Truly epic performance from our fierce girls! <333

The girls wore the same clothes they did on G-Dragon’s concert and that really didn’t bother me at all because they all looked gorgeous and fierce! I am one happy Blackjack! Our girls really are the best!!! T___T



Credits: KpopLiveHD3

Twitter: Dara – “Let’s Play Tonight at Psy’s Concert!”


DARA: Early attendance today again!! Lets play tonight at Psy’s con venue~~I have to wear my sneakers & go~!

(The flower wreath says, “From gentle girls (2NE1 ^^) . I didnt know~ why is PSY oppa the best”)



Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls