OMG!!! We finally now have HD photos of Goddess Dara in that oh-so-smexy dress!!! I think I went to Dara heaven for about 10 minutes after seeing the photos! DARA IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! She looks gorgeous in all angles!!! I see shoulders, collar bones, arms, legs….. So flawless!!! She is just so smexy in that short dress!!! I can’t even express my feels well right now. T__T I am speechless. TOTALLY A GODDESS, SANDARA PARK!!!! <333333333

I’m so sorry for all the exclamation points. I just…. Gaaaah! Dara-ah saranghae!!! T__T I think her dress is shorter now compared to when she first wore it at GD’s concert? I am not complaining one bit. Nope! And look at her~ She is LITERALLY G L O W I N G! ♥_♥ 




















Comments on: "Press Photos: 130413 Smexy, Gorgeous Dara at PSY’s ‘Happening’ Concert" (31)

  1. Hey,

    I’ve just read the latest media and I thought you’ll enjoy it too, please read it here

    Sincerely, Lester Croft

  2. she’s blooming and glowing!, and the legs~~~ohlala!~~~

  3. Dara’s Soo Dang Sexy With that Micro Mini Dress! <333
    her legs look so good too, Baby girl seems to have gain weight! 😀
    The dress is shorter, making it all the more perfect on Goddess D! woot!
    I really miss the girls, Dara!!!! Please Come Back Soon!
    These pictures are just giving me a heart attack with the overload of Dara sexiness on it! kyaahh!!! 😛

    • dnineseven said:

      i was thinking the same thing! she looks really healthy (and beautiful as always)

  4. Love the first pic..she’s so perfect!

  5. Wow!!! She’s not anymore stick-thin! That’s what you call hot! I want her skin!!!
    P.S. Because of 2NE1, I might consider getting a tattoo myself :)))

  6. She looks so pretty and sexy with Snow White skin! Awwwww

  7. dabanana06 said:

    Dara looks great in everything she wears, its all about her aura. Gorgeous inside and out

  8. darapopper said:

    what’s that tattoo on her right arm? she’s always been pretty!!!! 🙂

  9. oh my goddess dee your too sexy..this what oppa seven told dara and we all agree on oppa seven suggestion..go for sexy!!!!!!!!!hehehehehe

  10. GoddessDara said:

    Goddess Dara!!! You perfect glowing being!!! XD Waaaaahhhhhh more skin for CB!!! LOL.. I love you Dara so much!!! ^______^

  11. I was so joyful when 2NE1 went on stage…I didn’t expect that! Dara was gorgeous as always…actually all of the girls were! I love their outfits…feminine but fierce!!!

  12. @Ohdara Admin, is this all HQ pics around??? All have Dara’s in it!!! Smexy!!!

  13. OH!!! My darling DARA you look gorgeous that I can’t contain myself,AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  14. Keep your hate to yourself said:

    hope she gains more fat and muscles on her face and upper torso. Her legs are perfect.

  15. nikonpreap said:

    yes she has gained weight and looks so much more fresh and healthy. who would of thought that her legs were so damn sexy….. dear dara please for the sake of all men in this world… wear more skirts… =]

  16. dfasdfgadfytefdahsfdah so pretty!!!

  17. It’s like the girl can’t take a bad picture even if she tried.

    Also LOVE the fact that she doesn’t bother to cover up her birthmark on her right leg. The fact that she embraces all that she is, is what truly makes her beautiful.

  18. she looks stunning in this attire and love the fact that she gained weight…

  19. wow her skin is just perfect. love the dress. it’s about time dara shows some skin. and love it that she’s gaining a bit of weight here. sexy!

  20. yeah i love this dress for her and also that one she wore last 2009 melon music award,its real show all the hidden beauty and that gorgeous
    smile that goes with her makes her fans happy.. love u baby girl …..keep on smiling….

  21. Velvetokki said:


  22. OMG! So sexy … drop jaw.. bow *_*

  23. i really hate the camera director during this perf less exposure of dara.. heehhehe… lol, just can’t get enough of her.

    • 100% agree ^^ I saw the videos , that incompetent cameraman always focus on other places when it comes to Dara’s part ><

      • lougee27 said:

        hahahahha.. if i was ther egonna tell that camera man “yah babo” go take a shot of that eppon aggushi.. LOL.. sorry if my spellings are wrong… her every shot was like milliseconds and i get frustrated as i am watching their perf.. thank God there’s HD pics an d i must say she really is glowing stands out even if she’s not trying do anything wild.. LOL

  24. yeah! youre right the dress became short bef0re its l0ng^_^


  26. I think the dress is shorter compared to gd’s concert…love it….

    • i noticed that too. this is way better because it balances her proportions better than the longer version of the dress.

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