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Press Photos: 130413 Smexy, Gorgeous Dara at PSY’s ‘Happening’ Concert

OMG!!! We finally now have HD photos of Goddess Dara in that oh-so-smexy dress!!! I think I went to Dara heaven for about 10 minutes after seeing the photos! DARA IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! She looks gorgeous in all angles!!! I see shoulders, collar bones, arms, legs….. So flawless!!! She is just so smexy in that short dress!!! I can’t even express my feels well right now. T__T I am speechless. TOTALLY A GODDESS, SANDARA PARK!!!! <333333333

I’m so sorry for all the exclamation points. I just…. Gaaaah! Dara-ah saranghae!!! T__T I think her dress is shorter now compared to when she first wore it at GD’s concert? I am not complaining one bit. Nope! And look at her~ She is LITERALLY G L O W I N G! ♥_♥