Aaaaand, here is the Japanese P/V for “Come Back Home!” This MV is somewhat different from the Korean version as the storyline for this one is longer, with new scenes. We can see more acting cuts of Dara and her “lover.”  Also, CL’s rap for the acoustic version isn’t in the MV. ^^

I’m so glad to see more of Dara’s acting! She is sooo good, I need her in a drama! T_T

Credits: bryan13334official

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 Reveals Japanese Version PV For “Come Back Home”" (7)

  1. korean and japanese version, Ilike both…

  2. Oh dear “oh dara” don’t you think maybe its time to remove this video post as stick up… we basically need to scroll down half the page before we can read the the new post… or at least un stick some of it.

  3. now i dont have any comment for this bcoz i luv this one than the korean ver. #WaitingForDaraMa.

  4. This version is so much better. The rap part in the Korean mv kind of put the story on hold which was odd. Now all we need is #DARAFORDRAMA

  5. I like this one better than the other version the story is easy to perceive with this one.

  6. awkward610 said:

    LOL…like they listen to our rant and gave us this…meh. But. i like this one…bias much. This mv got storyline sure we got a lot of Dara. I’m gonna cling to this for now. 😛

  7. I think I like this version more than the first one. It has more story & a bit less confusing.

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