OH MY GHAD you guys! I am drowning in feels! Thank you, thank you for this YG Entertainment! ^_^ They must know that Blackjacks are down that we can only see the girls on Inkigayo this week to make way for their preparation for A-Nation. T_T But, but, but! This video is just so adorable and I am so happy to see 2NE1 close interactions with each other and love for their work! ❤ 

Some highlights: GLORIOUSSS Dara close-up shots! ❤ The fact that they filmed the chorus in the gold, white outfits scene! XD Oh! CL and Bommie teasing “Queen of SNS” Dara not to do the “me2day pose” (the hiding behind the palm tree that she did before while she filmed for Etude’s Aloha campaign).. ❤ And ahhh! Dara catching mosquitoes! LOLOL! XD And the best part: ENGLISH SUBS! ❤

2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE M/V Making Film

Credits: 2NE1

Comments on: "Official/Video: 2NE1 “Falling In Love” MV Making Film with English Subs" (16)

  1. omg dara looked so gorgeous while her hair was blown… how i wish it would have been included in the mv 😥 btw nevermind she looked marvelous in the mv rgt??? kekkekeke goddess dee

  2. Seriously, Dara look even more beautiful with unedited photos. Her beauty just shines throughout this video. Freaking beautiful. Did I just said B-E-A-U-tiful?

  3. I love their chemistry with each other. 🙂 & Dara looks so perfect I can’t comprehend it! I’m almost convinced she does not have pores lol.

  4. Y does CL get to post on insta and Dara not allowed. I don’t believe she’s doing it on purpose. I totally believe she’s not being allowed!

    • Or she doesn’t want an instagram account because she already uses me2day and twitter. CL’s only way to communicate to her fans is her instagram account.

  5. LOL! saying sorry while killing the mosquitoes xD and Koharu-chan is kawaiiii~ and I will never get tired of saying Dara-unnie is so pretty and funny ///<

  6. thank u admin 4 posting this,DARA knows how 2 make her fans crave 4 her, i really miss her too,i like the focus on this video DYLM of Dara, she is amazing, her moves alone are very enticing,seductive and very sexy ,as welll as d facial xpression, a very talented woman,anybody that wacth this video will gonna fall in love with her either a girl or a boy,how very softhearted woman she is, making excuses 4 killing d mosquito very funny, wish all d best of luck 2NE1 still waiting 4 ur another world tour,usa loves you guys.

  7. I thought it has a English subs????

  8. Dara is looking gorgeous. Bom unnie and food is my OTP.

  9. cl dara are just too cute and koharu-chan im going to look her up

  10. all of them just bommie the one who’s eating!! as always~~ that’s why her weigth isn’t changing no matter what she did she always keep eating!!
    girls are having fun!!! dee u are SNS queen!! but she did’nt updates anything its been 4 days!!!

  11. This video is super cute, glad they released it. Love CL and Dara’s friendship, you can see in CL’s eyes that she adores Dara. Bom is so funny, she really needs to eat. And Minzy she’s all grown-up and her facial expression is super sexy. Dara is too cute even saying sorry that she killed the insect.

  12. DARA’S WASHBOARD ABS FTW!!!!! OMG OMG OMG .. /marries her abs AND BOMMIE IS ALWAYS ALWAYS EATING! tsk, SNS QUEEN huh? then where are you now dara-yah? T_T

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