I think it’s become a habit to mention Dara when “collaborations” are brought up in interviews. Kekeke! I love how Flowsik starts to mention 2NE1, and then Eddie cuts him and says “

Starts at 2:12 of the video! Enjoy! ❤ Watch the interview actually! The whole interview is actually fun to watch, they are such dynamic and funny guys. ^_^

KpopStarz Exclusive: What’s Up With Aziatix? (Part 2)

Credits: Kpop Starz

Interviewer: I know that Sandara just started following you on Twitter..

Flowsik: *nervous giggling* Yeah… *looks down, starts acting like a cute, shy kid hahaha*

Nicky: Wuuuttttt… *looks at Flowsik, grinning like mad*

Eddie: Look at his smile.. I think his ears are turning red…

*All the while, Flowsik has this huge, ear-to-ear smile going on and covering his face and looking flustered*

Flowsik: Hi Sandara… *gives cute wave*

Nicky: He’s speechless right now…

More transcript after the cut.. ^^

Interviewer: Do you have plans to collaborate with 2NE1?

Flowsik: Definitely, if the opportunity comes and the timing’s right.. For sure! We’re working on collabs as well, it’s in the works.. I don’t think the company….

Eddie: I don’t think none of that matters, except Sandara.. *points at Flowsik*

Nicky: He’s grumbling his words, man *looks at Flowsik*

*All laughs and teases*

Flowsik: They’re cool. They’re all very talented.

Nicky: Sandara, you can follow us on Twitter. Me and Eddie got Twitter… *laughs*

Interviewer: What about you two? Do you have your Korean music girl crush?

Nicky: Yeah, I want to collaborate with Sandara too. Is that alright, Flow? *looks at Flowsik*

Flowsik: No, no. You can’t do it… *laughs and elbows Nicky*

Eddie: She’s taken.. By Flowsik…

Nicky: Next question?

*Laughter all around*

And just because they’re cute, here’s Part 1 of the interview:

KpopStarz Exclusive: What’s Up With Aziatix? (Part 1)

Credits: Kpop Starz

Transcribed by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Video: Aziatix Mentions Dara in their Interview Once More – Watch Cute Flowsik Fanboy!" (42)

  1. Damn flowsik really loyal fanboy.! he fell for dara so hard!

  2. I used to think flowsik is weird. how can he said” sandara, come to me” in his last interview. freakin’ weird. but now, he is sweet and lookin good too. And i always want a protective husband for dara. He is strong and have better english command.To think that he is religious is even better. He is way better than gd. But, i hope dara will choose the best for her life. i want her to marry as early as possible.. She is feakin 30 beb..n

  3. BJ4life said:


    “Most Baby Faced 2013” = https://apps.tradablebits.com/fb_comments/253134418141933/179340312204474

    “Queen of Kpop 2013” = https://apps.tradablebits.com/fb_comments/253134418141933/376474729030486

    she’s leading both categories lets continue that!! 🙂

  4. I keep on going back to this page and it bugs me 2 death about someone saying she don’t want FLOW 4 DARA,first of all we as fans we can’t dictate who our idols want 2 be friend with.Before disliking a person, does she really know about this guy, please miss HOLLY,read the profile of AZIATIX, they are asean- american guys with good upbringing,smart,educated,as of FLOW he use to teach religion 4 young kids in their church a very religeous guy,humble,loving son and loyal friend.He followed his dream to be one of the best asean rapper in america as well in asea and now internationally, at least he is the only fanboy of DARA that is true 2 himself despite of others not liking him 4 DARA.HE is more musculine and manly than others if u know what i mean…

  5. Aigooo…Flowsik…kyaaa!!! FANBOY ALERT! XD Why am I so giddy with this news? kekekekeke… He’s so cute…acting like a giddy child in front of his crush…kyeopta! I hope that Dara and Flow will be given the chance to collaborate. I’ll look forward to it…!!! :)))

  6. Reblogged this on edherei.

  7. cute but I really don’t like Flowsik for Dara

  8. thumbs up for flowsik.

    im thinking how dara would react once she see this video?

  9. Kirlyred said:

    Flow is so cute…hope they can work in the future. I actually dont know aziatix at first, but because flowsik is such a dara fanboy i started to listen to their music and liking it

  10. ME 2, i keep on coming back to their video,i could’nt help myself laughing with them,they r very giggly dudes, very naturally,hope that they’ll become close friends of 2NE1, way 2 go AZIATIX.

  11. his cheekbones are about to shoot out of his face…and his giddyness is just so frigging cute and genuine..he even wanted to elbow the guy beside him for teasing him so much..LOL…
    and you can even hear the interviewers just giggling in the background at this..

  12. belle_2ne1 said:

    wyuahahahah! im here again and again and again AND AGAINNNN! Cant move on! hahahah!
    Eddie : she’s taken…by FLOWSIK!
    Nicky : next question! ( really its bother me.,,,,, something smell fishy…!! it looks like what Eddie said, he really mean it! but Nicky suddenly cut it off coz he knows it may not be good for Flowsik and specially for our GODDESS D! ( Daragon>Jaedara> Mindara> Darahwan> fanboys alert!!! )

    • belle_2ne1 said:

      Oppss… DaraHAe too! ( my Donghae!) LOL

    • loving you said:

      hehehehe i think Nicky and Eddie were trying to say that they had a crush on Sandara based on the question of the enterviewer but Sandara is already taken by Flowsik because Flowsik had the first one to have crush on our Sandara. to sum up, the THREE of them HAVE A CRUSH ON SANDARA….yehey celebrate…….

    • blue_angel said:

      come to think of it… the possibility that dara is already taken seems high cause every fanboy seems to know who she’s really dating like the fanboy on radio interview i forgot his name the host also said shes already dating someone and this interview eddie said the same thing but mention the name of flosik then nicky cut it off by saying next question.. there’s a possibility that they dont want to prolong the topic about daras boyfriend because they know who he really are and they might mention the name of the real boyfriend… i dont know just my observation… maybe dara dating someone now and its not a secret to the intertainment business but they keeping it secret to us fans probably because of the saesang fans and some fans may not accept it…

  13. loving you said:

    i cant stop giggling…flowsik is real MAN.its been three years and yet he’s still acting like a teenage boy who had a crush on her classmate or schoolmate.I think im jealous to Sandara for having someone who had a crush on her for a long time. and OMG the Interviewer asked: “What about you two? Do you have your Korean music girl crush?” and nicky aswered “Yeah, I want to collaborate with Sandara too. Is that alright, Flow?”—- “YEAH”of nicky made me smile kekekeke….and OHHHHHH Eddies answered ” She’s taken.. By Flowsik…”….Eddie made me jumped and say YEEEEEHEEEYYYYYYYY……

  14. 2ne1doll said:

    When will he ever get the courage to ask her out?? I vote flowsik for dara… who’s with me? :”>

  15. belle_2ne1 said:

    Oopss! suddenly remember Se7en!! Flowsik need to ask permission from him! well, Flowsik will use his connection,,,he’s close with Jaejoong..and Jaejoong is close to TOP then TOP is close to Se7en which is close to Bigbang, da YG Boy babies of Papa YG! lol!!!!

  16. belle_2ne1 said:

    i keep replaying this vids….i want to hate Nicky for cutting off the topics! ( is he jealous?t??) but i put it in this way, Nicky want to protect Flowsik from those jealous fanboyssss who cant express their feelings to our Goddess D……or Nicky want to keep “something special secret” between Flowsik and Goddess D! lol!!!




  18. belle_2ne1 said:

    omgggg!!!!!! though Flowsik is not my ideal man for my GOddess D……i’ll gonna support him if ever that happen! FLOWSIK, you;re da man! atleast u dont hide ur feeling to our goddess D! that’s why im started to like u day by day! =)

  19. hehe..my favorite dara fanboy..but my favorite member is eddie…dont askk why…hahahahaha….i love flow…kudos for beating the other fanboys out there man! keep it up…hehehe…he’s so cute stuttering and all…hahaha…



    I’m hoping for more twitter convo from DARA and AZIATIX..it would surely be funny and “heartwarming” kkkk

  21. darkymiza88 said:

    I don’t know why but I’m grinning ear to ear, too. Or perhaps I do? Giddiness overload. AZIATIX love ❤

  22. I noticed they became most animated when Sandara’s name came up! Cute!

  23. Flowsik is such a cutie! I really like him and Kevin!!

  24. aimeeaimeeyeah said:

    Flowsik: No, no. You can’t do it… *laughs and elbows Nicky*
    Eddie: She’s taken.. By Flowsik…

  25. wohooo!!!! flowsik rules!!!! blushing like a red tomato. soooo cute!!! everyones looking good! btw 2ne1, this is how a group interview should be like, you know…

  26. i hope YG ent. will make it a fact hence it was been requested by them way back 2011 i think..nicky also greet sandara on their 2ne1 4th yr anniv. via twitter. i think eddie and nicky also had a crush on sandara too based on what eddie said ” we have twitter too”,but Flowsik is genuine about her feelings toward sandara.oh my boys are so hot, i totally agree that they are unique and in some way they are one of the best.

  27. Eddieeeeee!! Hihi. I want an Eddie♥Bom duet! I bet that’d be awesome. I like AZIATIX even before Flow got all giddy over Dara and I actually like Flow more for it. 🙂 AZIATIX♥2NE1 collab juseyo!

  28. He really lose a lot of weight…:) flowsik

  29. Great fanboy !!! It is already a traditi0n dat in every interview they should menti0n dara . Cute

  30. dabanana06 said:

    I think that Flow is very vocal about his being a fanboy

  31. Waaah! The video is on private! Why?!!!

  32. yeah,he is really genuine,one thing i like of him he is not scared of the fans hating him, they are very nice dudes AZIATIX,hope that their dream of winning GRAMMY will come true, they all writes their own songs please support them all the way, hey FLOW write song 4 dara.

  33. Awwww. He really likes her. Wish Flowsik and 2ne1 can have a collaboration. That would be epic

  34. Haha its funny and cute from them

  35. mmakang said:

    ohmy flowsik!!! You are sooo cute!
    i really hope you will have a collab with dara 🙂

  36. iman roque said:

    Flowsik im starting to like you for dara coz u like her genuinely… ^.^

  37. They are so cute. And I think Eddie is really handsome. Well all of them are, but I think Flow is the cute one while Nick is the tough one and Eddie is the pretty boy lol. Wonder if Dara will follow them after watching this xD

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