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Video: Aziatix Mentions Dara in their Interview Once More – Watch Cute Flowsik Fanboy!

I think it’s become a habit to mention Dara when “collaborations” are brought up in interviews. Kekeke! I love how Flowsik starts to mention 2NE1, and then Eddie cuts him and says “

Starts at 2:12 of the video! Enjoy! ❤ Watch the interview actually! The whole interview is actually fun to watch, they are such dynamic and funny guys. ^_^

KpopStarz Exclusive: What’s Up With Aziatix? (Part 2)

Credits: Kpop Starz

Interviewer: I know that Sandara just started following you on Twitter..

Flowsik: *nervous giggling* Yeah… *looks down, starts acting like a cute, shy kid hahaha*

Nicky: Wuuuttttt… *looks at Flowsik, grinning like mad*

Eddie: Look at his smile.. I think his ears are turning red…

*All the while, Flowsik has this huge, ear-to-ear smile going on and covering his face and looking flustered*

Flowsik: Hi Sandara… *gives cute wave*

Nicky: He’s speechless right now…

More transcript after the cut.. ^^