Okay, who’s giddy? Dara’s long and consistant fanboy Flowsik of Aziatix finally got the courage not only to follow Dara, but to also mention her!  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Though… it’s only a few exclamation points! Haha, he must be shy !

Hopefully Dara responds! 

( ^∇^)

Source: @Flowsik / @Geotjimar

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  2. Lucyp3@rL said:

    It seems that Dara did not reply to his tweet…if only there’s words in it…what can Dara reply to !!!!!…maybe ???? lol

  3. B4,kevin of ukiss is the no. 1 most loyal fanboy,we saw lots of videos in 09,10,11. Only dis yr was he so silent.its kind of sad, he also has a twitter accnt right.. Sigh! Sori,just really love him for his consistency before, but it seems flowsik is taking the loyal fanboy tag for our dara 😥

  4. Yay to him…! Clap! Clap! Clap!

  5. Sennorita said:

    LOL maybe those exclamation marks mean something like !!!! = saranghae dara! Hahaha orrrrr his friends took his phone and tweeted her. Whichever, I hope she replies. It would be interesting.

  6. & oh! oh! he’s from Taiwan right? (or not) then can someone invite him to attend the upcoming NeEvCon in taiwan this nov.? kkk tell him to bring his friends too lol

    • he’s actually a korean that grew up in new york.. =]

      • Aww really?~~ I thought he’s from Taiwan hahaha 🙂

        • Lucyp3arL said:

          well, he’s korean-american (korean who is born/ raised in US) and they are sometimes based in Taiwan for promotion or work. They are well known group in Taiwan because of Nicky Lee (member of AZIATIX).

    • Funny that you mentioned TAIWAN coz when Flowsik was asked in his last interview where he was going to bring Dara for a date, he said “Taiwan”. He added that one of his members is a superstar there and would surely help him with the “privacy” arrangements. Wasn’t it a dream cruise date on a yacht? 🙂 And guess what? Surely, it was a coincidence or maybe it was not but.. Dara RT’d a post about their concert in TAIWAN being made official after his mention. I was saying to myself “It’s a coincidence. Don’t stretch it. ” then.. “Maybe Dara is being playful. Maybe she’s saying, ‘Flow, I listened to your interview and I know about Taiwan!” hahaha

      • Hul!~~ I’m thinking about that too haha maybe he’s spying on Dara’s twitter account? waiting for the right time lmao 🙂

  7. Holy shizz! gahd man ur so unpredictable lol well I’m so happy that FINALLY u made a move.. but really man ‘!!!!’??? seriously? lol but who knows she might replied ‘????’ to u lol

  8. goshhh! Flowsik is a friend of my Jeajoong….my 2nd ideal man for my Goddess D!(coz Lee Mi Ho is my bet) LOL! but still,,,,,feel giddyyyyyy for Flowsik! =)

  9. exclamation point?

    why not a character like smiley or (“,)

    but anyway hope dara follow flowsik kkkk

  10. qwertyasdfg said:


  11. you know guys…i don’t want to seem cynical…because i really adore dara…and it wouldn’t be so hard to believe if someone adored her too…
    but some of these fanboys only name drop her as an ideal to…you know ..be more popular..
    and some of them only like her because of the image she projects in the screen…not because of who she really is…which is also her fear…dara has said many times…
    haha….if only these fanboys love dara for who she is..and as how we love her for who she is….haha….
    still i’m hopeful….flowsik…you better be real!!!!!! or imma hunt you down!!!!!

  12. !!!! << that explains alot Flow..haha ….
    Flow you're now the #1 Dara fanboy for me!..

  13. lol.. finally he got the guts to follow DARA.. keke

  14. maydelluna92 said:

    at least he is consistent and have the courage to follow our Krung,:)

  15. sitipatchi said:

    otttokeee!! giddyness overload!!!

  16. Give the guy a chance Dara!!

  17. Lucyp3arL said:

    I hope Dara will reply ^_^

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