Woots!!! Isn’t Flowsik so nice ^^

I like how he calls her Sandara rather than Dara.


“Congrats on the 4 year anniversary sandara!!! ^^”

“thanks flowsik!!! ^________^”

And Nicky RTed Flowsik’s tweet, mentioning Dara~



@Flowsik + @Krungy21 + @nickylee1126

Comments on: "Twitter: Aziatix’s Flowsik and Nicky congratulates Sandara for 2NE1’s 4th anniversary" (6)

  1. best fanboy!!! kudos to you flow!!! hahaha…

  2. ckjack_bla said:

    It seems Nicky Lee is a fanboy too 😀

  3. aya-yay pag-ibig nakaka-kilig!~~~~kekeke

    it seems like Flowsik is getting confident and tweeting our goddes D with ease. i bet he’s giddy for getting a reply from Dara unnie!..ke~ke~ke!

  4. yeah ,i hope someday Flowsik will write a song 4 Dara also a collaboration of AZIATIX and 2NE1, that would be great since both group r internationally popular.

  5. aww. ain’t that sweet. i don’t know if tthis is a shipping comment or what but out of all of Dara’s fanboys, i like him the most. he just seems so sincere. :3

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