OMG, Dara is so so nice!!!! She celebrating three things at once!! 2NE1’s 4 year anniversary, Dadoong’s 2nd birthday and the release of hers and Dadoong’s characters on Wind Runner!!!! I’m not sure whether this event is opened to all players or only ones in Korea, but just try your luck!!!



“To commemorate the release of Dara and Dadoong’s characters in Wind Runner, Da&Da event !!! ^ _ ^ v It’s an opened event called “Who is the best runner with Dara’s character?” To those who have the highest score running with my character~ I will send a gift coupon of 100 ruby.”


“This event will last from 2NE1’s debut anniversary May 17th, to the date Dadoong turns 2 years old May 19th! Take a capture of your score and send it along with your contact to YG mail and you’ll receive your gift with 5 minutes ^^”Capture3

” Tadah~!! Here are the coupons that I have^_^ Use mine and Dadoong’s energy when running, I’ll look forward to the participation of all. Hwaiting”



Source: @Krungy21

Translated: OuleySoleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter/Event: Dara’s “Who is the best runner with Dara’s character?” Event!!" (1)

  1. I cant play that game 😦 sigh

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