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Video: 120224 AZIATIX’s Flowsik Mentions Dara on ECHOforward Ustream

We all know that AZIATIX’s Flowsik is a Dara fanboy right? This video is just so cute! When asked if he had any favorite artists, he said that he didn’t exactly have a favorite because he likes them all BUT he likes SANDARA. He was then asked if he already met her. He said that after MAMA at the airport, 2NE1 and AZIATIX were right beside each other but… “He choked!” 

Check the video out! Its really cute! ^^

Don’t worry Flowsik! I’m sure you aren’t the only one who got dumbfounded when you saw her up close! Like you said, your time will come! ^^

Credit: hotpinkmallows@YouTube

Video: [Fanboy] Who is counting? ^^ Aziatix’s Flowsik Has A Crush on Dara!

And yet another fanboy!

Who is keeping count? LOL! At around 4:55, Aziatix’s Flowsik said that he has a crush on our lovely Goddess D! After which, they all burst into fits of giggles (Is there such a thing as male giggles or giddiness? LOL). We now have added him to our count of fanboys… I wonder who is next. Just keep them coming! What’s not to love right? Goddess D is beautiful inside and out… A perfect ideal girl!


Thanks to Cherry84Addict and 2NE1 Soompi!