And yet another fanboy!

Who is keeping count? LOL! At around 4:55, Aziatix’s Flowsik said that he has a crush on our lovely Goddess D! After which, they all burst into fits of giggles (Is there such a thing as male giggles or giddiness? LOL). We now have added him to our count of fanboys… I wonder who is next. Just keep them coming! What’s not to love right? Goddess D is beautiful inside and out… A perfect ideal girl!


Thanks to Cherry84Addict and 2NE1 Soompi!

Comments on: "Video: [Fanboy] Who is counting? ^^ Aziatix’s Flowsik Has A Crush on Dara!" (19)

  1. he must really like her coz the question i think was which korean artist do they look up to. but he just had to slip it in that he had a crush on her 🙂 does he know that she’s actually a few months older than him?

    • i agree, he really just felt the need to mention it eh? haha. dara unnie-ah, you better watch out, your fanboys are increasing day by day. Keke!

  2. dnhaa2rd said:

    who is he btw? korean or what? and which one is it? i havent watch the video yet. couldnt open it, and which one is it? the long hair one?

  3. Whut?! another one? LOL!
    Goddess D’s long list of fanboys.. 😛

  4. Lol, Dara’s pic is perfect there….of course, who can resist our dear Dara’s charm ❤

  5. oooooh fanboy alert!!!

  6. kukay06 said:

    another fanboy!!welcome to the club!! lol 🙂 keep coming!!lol:)
    sandara is a real ideal girl….. beautiful inside & out!! 🙂

  7. Dara ra rah! said:

    hey man you didn’t answer the question! lol

    i think for him to answer it like that, he must really adore Dara >.<

  8. Camelle said:

    crush ng bayan…

  9. Dara4ever said:

    Hahaha!as l0ng as the n0-b0yfrien c0ntract is c0ming to its end, Dara’s fanb0ys list is bec0ming l0nger and l0nger!
    >_< w0ot w0ot!

    -aq ang kinilig d2!l0l!

  10. 3 (chin chinawut, Flowsik and Block B boys… 4 including jaehyo) fanboy declarations in a span of 2 weeks… nice! 🙂

    woot! ❤

  11. check this out.. :)) love dara so much..

  12. check this out guys.. :)) i love dara shi.. :))

  13. wooot!! flowsik is hardcore!!!! amazing rapper!!! glad he’s a fanboy!!!
    dara so gorgeous!!haba ng hair mo teh!!!

  14. Kyutipaysis said:

    Kekeke…. @ lilies….. I giggle like school girl, I know what you mean^^….. wooooot!
    Way to go D^^ …. Fanboys keep on coming!

  15. Ha-ha…Goddess D’s beauty is really captivating a lot of fanboys’ heart — keep ’em coming. ^_^

  16. LOL.. i was pretty shocked he admitted. not shocked that he has a crush on her.
    the good thing about this is………….
    i love how he inserted the question
    then answered “I have a crush on Sandara park….of 2ne1”

    i’ve been listening to JYJ’s I Love You track. he is a cool rapper. plus he’s pretty close with Jaejoong!
    Ahihihi *insert male giggles

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