Remember Block B members, P.O. and Jae Hyo fanboying Dara in one of their shows? Well they are at it again!

The boys guested Arirang’s Pops in Seoul, and one fan asked “Is it true that some of you are fans of 2ne1’s Dara?” to which P.O. replies with “Yes, Jae Hyo and I love 2NE1’s Dara.” LOL! ^^

Watch the boys’ guesting and cute revelation here:

cr: kloveP92@YouTube

Thanks to lena for the tip!

IDK about you guys, but these boys are giving the Dara fanboys a run for their money! And LOL P.O’s imitation of D’s expressions! Sorry hun, but nothing can trump the original! Kekeke! ^^

Tell us, who is your favorite Dara fanboy? ^_^

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  2. Dara4ever said:

    i’m 0n a wo0dara and kedara c0uple! I l0ve h0w w0oy0ung react when dara-unnie is ar0und..:-D he’s always staring and l0oking f0r her!l0l!

  3. Park Tae Hwan and Ki Sung Yong. 🙂 But I’d like to see more of their fanboying, love to pair up Dara with an athlete.. >.<

  4. 2ne1doll said:

    Oohh la la! There are so many to choose from! My favorites are Wooyoung and Kevin cause they’re like the earliest fanboys… But the luckiest fanboy, I think, is Park Tae Hwan 😉

    • well lets give it to the guy, he is after all a national treasure in korea 🙂

  5. I hope I can see interactions of them and Dara….waaaa…I wonder how will they react. And for the meantime, I will go with the loyal KEVIN. I miss his confessions. But I love every Dara fanboys, the more the merrier….lol.
    Hard to resist a Goddess. ^^ Lol at Po’s imitation of dorky D. I so love her dorky side too.

  6. shesheyn said:

    my all time favorite fanboy of our Dara unnie..its KEVIN!!

  7. yay!! free spamming!! lol for me..WOOYOUNG!! the forever “she’s not my type but i always look at her secretly” fanboy ^.^

    • and yeah i love P.O. too..a true blackjack.. he resembles minji so much…mature looking but really an innocent maknae…im sure dara would love him the way she loves minji if ever they get close and his imitation is FTW!! lol

    • i may have to agree with you there. wooyoung would be content just to stare and stare and observe and cheer quietly on the sidelines. i have a feeling he would be her FANBOY FOR LIFE.

    • 2ne1doll said:

      HAHAHAHA! So true! XD That’s why I love him so much! ;D

  8. tamtamie said:

    P.O and Jae Hyo is so cute..especially P.O he definitely loves Dara. hehe~

  9. ikaw na dara….the best ka!!! kekeke

  10. Edu.Proffes.. said:

    I’ll call them and Dara The”Hip Hop”Couple.

  11. Dara4ever said:

    Wh0’s my fav0rite fanb0y?
    ->its hard to ch0öse b/w them..huhl! I l0ve them all f0r dara-unnie! I want them all f0r her! (Greedy much?)hehe!

  12. Oohh.. another vid of the boys fanboying over Dara.. cute!
    wanna see how PO will be like when he gets to meet Dara one day.. 🙂
    and I think I remember Zico including Dara on his freestyle rap before right? that goes something like “If I’m 2NE1, I’m Sandara… You can’t ever win against me”
    niicee.. 🙂

  13. welcum! ^_^ they should do another collaboration or something with an mv kekeke
    i love yg family!!!!!!!!!!

  14. BB vs BB ^_^ both has members who likes Dara. Competing idol groups who don’t have competing views of Dara. Like it

    Who’s my favorite fanboy? You can’t pick easy. They are all great. Thats a fact

  15. I like Block B and I like them more now that P.O. & Jaehyo are fanboys of Goddess D ha-ha…I wonder about Zico (leader & GD look-a-like) though cause when he was rapping freestyle in Mic Swagger he said that if “he’s in 2NE1 he’s Sandara.” All of Dara’s fanboys are cute and their not ashamed to admit in national TV that they are Dara’s fanboys. Goddess D & her fanboys fighting!!! ^_^

    • kpopadik21 said:

      he likes cL

      • ChichaiE said:

        Excuse me. Zico did not say anything about that. From what i remembered, he just sang a few lines of CL from Can’t Nobody. 🙂 ^^ And we know that she almost got all the lines… 🙂

        • Yeah I agree on that one too, Zico never mention anything about his ideal girl when ask during TV interviews but he likes Hello Kitty. ^_^ I think it was either Jaehyo or PO that told him he looks like CL at that moment (and yes they could pass as siblings as well) when they were in van which looks like Block B TV. So Zico started imitating CL by rapping some line of Can’t Nobody. That’s why I was wondering if Zico might secretly like Dara but his not open about it like Jaehyo & PO cause during the freestyle rapping in Mic Zwagger he can easily rap “If I’m in 2NE1’s I’m CL” since they have more similarities in vocals/rap skills as what other observers are saying as well but I was surprised in his rap he mention our Goddess D then after that he rap Goo Hara’s name … ^_^

          • Dara ra rah! said:

            its so weird, flowery boys like KHJ likes CL who is the opposite of her. and Dara is being liked by guys who are badass. Does opposites really attract?? lol

            • Ha-ha…I guess so, opposites do attract. But some of Dara’s fanboys doesn’t have the bad type or tough guy look, only a few of them and Zico is one of the bad type/ tough guy look.

  16. kathypufi said:

    Block B is soooo much like Bigbang..they sound like Bigbang as well…and Zico’s look is like GD sometimes..their MV is like BB as well..even the group name is BB as well hmmmm…anyway its sooo nice to watch other Idol groups saying that they love Dara…

    • ygbaby2 said:

      but cho pd is known for anti bigbang until lately before this group debuted, he praised bigbang.. their sajangnim/mentor or whatsoever is scary..aigoo!!

  17. cj cf version 2.

  18. yaniedonna said:

    fanboys of baby girl? Uhm, kevin and wooyoung.?? I love them but I’m in love with daragon…

  19. At what time on the video? 🙂

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