Weee, as you probably already know, Flowsik has often said he wanted if given the chance to have a collab with her! Nicky, another member of Aziatix seemingly also wants that to happen~ ^^ 

We can only hope, keke.


“Nice to meet you… I hope we can collab sometime! ;)”

“Yap! Tell it to Jinu oppa hehe. Nice to meet you ~ “


“Nice to meet you… I hope we can collab sometime too… Kekeke”

Source: @Flowsik + @Krungy21 + @nickylee1126

Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Flowsik and Nicky of Aziatix hope to have a collab with Dara" (15)

  1. lorenadenise said:

    now that the overprotective se7en is away,all the boys are taking advantage of it….

  2. nessadin0 said:

    Haha is flowsik flirting with dara through Dara with the wonky face ;D awe man I’m so happy hope they do have a collab

  3. i would want to see them working together on a song or maybe dara can act in one of their mvs. i feel giddy for flowsik. he is living every fanboys’ dream.

  4. I’m glad Dara’s liking twitter and all and using it efficiently but I get scared sometimes especially since a lot of scandals originated from twitter.

  5. i think they might have been formally introduce by jinu
    or some common friends..i’m happy for flowsik.
    i hope this collaboration thing would come into fruition.^_^

  6. joanna reyes said:

    I’m just really glad dara is making more friends outside yg! I’m really happy for flowsik too.. I can’t stop smiling on their convo..their so cute!:-D

  7. Yeah, i’m always happy for dara when she has new stuff to do. Wasn’t she like to challenge everything? let her try everything !!!

  8. I hope the collaboration will come true with AZIATIX voice and with DARA’s soft fresh voice that would be sound pretty good,with them both internationally famous their work will be great.

  9. it’s nice seeing the girls making new friends.. yesterday it was minzy with famous actresses.. =))

  10. Hmmmm…seems they were already introduced personally (maybe by Jinu) basing on this twitter convo. Or is it just a nice-to-meet-you on twitter? Whatever the case, I’m just happy that Dara is broadening her network of friends and of course, happy for flowsik (he kinda deserves this).^^

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