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Instagram: Ryan Bang Shares A Group Photo Together with Dara During their Visit to Korea

FireShot Screen Capture #344 - 'Photo by dryanbang' - instagram_com_p_nplfvRI7lM

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Video: Dara with Vhong and Ryan Bang in ABS-CBN Clip About Holy Week Vacations

Dara with Ryan Bang and Vhong’s family at 1:38-1:48.. ^^

How Anne, Kim, other stars spent Holy Week

Credits: TheABSCBNNews

Photo: 130329 Dara Eating Out with Ryan, Vhong, and His Kids

Looks like they went out to eat after having coffee~ Here’s Dara with Ryan, Vhong and his kids. I’m not sure who the girls are though. ^^


VHONG: #latepost Late dinner with @krungy21 and korean streetfood. Thanks again Sandy!


Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “Coffee Time with Vhong in Korea”

Looks like both Dara and Vhong had fun tonight! ^_^


DARA: Coffee time with Vhong oppa in Korea. Waaaah~~~~ So much fun!!! I miss the Philippines. I hope you guys enjoyed here in Korea! 🙂


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Photos: 130329 Pretty Dara With Vhong Navarro And His Kids In Korea

Here’s a proof photo of Dara and Vhong meeting up! ^^ They look happy~ I’m glad they had fun! ♥



Same Sandara Park that I’ve met before. Still so kind. Thanks for your time @krungy21



Below are photos of pretty Dara with Vhong’s kids! ^^


Twitter: Dara Is Meeting Up With Filipino Friends Ryan Bang and Vhong Navarro

Ooooh~~ A few days ago, Ryan Bang tweeted Dara and asked her if they could meet up. Looks like his wish came true as Dara tweeted that they will indeed be meeting up. ^^ Hope they’ll have fun! ♥

Untitled1 ANA: @krungy21 @dryanbang you guys are so cute!!! hope you’ll meet each other soon~ annyeong

DARA: ati banana! We’re meeting each other tonight!!! Haha

ANA: okay okay good!!! enjoy

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Twitter: 130329 SNS Princess Dara Is On A Following Spree

Dara must be bored~! Keke~ She has followed a lot of Filipino celebrities and also international stars like Beyonce and Grimes, who recently came to Korea. Also, she followed Aziatix’s Flowsik and JYJ’s Jaejoong. ^^


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Twitter: Dara Replies To Ryan Bang’s Tweet – “Are you in Korea for vacation?”

I still feel giddy whenever Dara tweets in Tagalog. ^^ 

I wonder if she would have time to meet up with Ryan and Vhong. Ryan Bang is a Korean who is now a famous host/comedian in the Philippines. Vhong Navarro is a Filipino actor/host/comedian. 🙂 I hope they do meet! ♥


RYAN: @krungy21 Me and @VhongX44 are here in Seoul. I hope we’ll see each other hahahaha

DARA: @dryanbang @vhongx44 What are you guys here for? Vacation?

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