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Video: 140406 Sam Kim- 2NE1 Collaboration Stage on Kpop Star Season 3 Performing Lonely

Oh. My. Gosh. This collab stage is awesome, awesome, awesome! ^_^ Dara’s voice truly does sound great in acoustic pieces (I remember YG Life’s live, acoustic performance of “Missing  You” and she did beautifully) and this time, it’s no exception! She sounded awesome! ❤ And of course, CL, Bom, and Minzy did great as well! Sam Kim is just 15, and he’ll go far if he keeps on working as hard as he is now! He did great with the arrangement, though there were some points in the performance where 2NE1’s power vocals overshadowed him a bit, but in the end, it was a pretty dope stage! Congratulations to Sam Kim for making it into the top two! ❤

140406 Sam Kim- 2NE1 Collaboration Stage on Kpop Star Season 3 – Lonely


Fancams: 131105 2NE1 at the Congratulatory Ceremony for KBEE 2013 in London (Part 2)


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Fancams: 131105 2NE1 Performs at KBEE 2013 in London


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Fan-Taken: 2NE1 Performs at KBEE 2013 in London

2NE1 performed Lonely, I Am The Best and Do You Love Me! ^_^






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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) Shares a Video of Union J Singing 2NE1’s Lonely – “We should sing together!”

Dara Twitter 3

Credit: @krungy21

Line: Ssancoustic Dara Gives an Impressive Rendition to “Lonely” as she Accompanies CL-Roo

OMG you guys! This is it! Didn’t we want a longer audio of Dara playing the guitar? And now here’s Ssancoustic! Seems that Dara went to CL-roo’s room to play the guitar and then CL decided to sing along with her! ❤ OMG DaRin! ❤ But wahhh you guys! Lonely! Dara is playing the guitar to Lonely! It’s quite a hard song to play because of the chords. It’s in E major, so basically the family of E would give a lot of sharps and sharp-minors, but Dara pulled it off! ❤ So so so proud of our baby girl! Our Hongdae goddessssss! ❤

130815 LINE CL – Lonely (Accompaniment by Dara)

BRsLlQUCEAAkP27.jpg large


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Fancams: 130613 2NE1 Performs at G-Market’s STAYG5 Concert




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Video: Union J’s George Shelley Sings 2NE1’s “Lonely”

Union J (formerly Triple J) are a British four-piece boy band consisting of members JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley, Josh Cuthbert and George Shelley. They were formed in 2012 during the ninth series of  The X-FACTOR and finished in fourth place.

During a recent magazine interview, the group revealed that they wanted to go on tour and collaborate with 2NE1.

Credits: LilpUnKiTsChKei + aMoreIsReal

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Audio: 130317 Two-Thousand-Won Covers 2NE1’s Lonely in KPOP Star 2

Wow! I actually really really like their cover! <333 It has that suave feel to it~ And the rap parts thrown here and there are really cool too! What do you guys think of it? ^_^

Credits: BubbleFeetGravityCH6

Video: 121120 Girls Day Leader Sojin Covers 2NE1’s Lonely on “The Beatles Code 2”

Hear how Sojin made her own version of the song. How do you guys like her cover? ^^